Braille Scars

c/o The Darthside,

“It says love as thou wilt, inspired by the Kushiel Saga Elua.”

“When I heard the guys from Visavajara were coming up to do a show at a fetish party, I called them and talked Roland into doing the scarification while they were here. I wouldn’t know who else in Germany to trust with this kind of thing, really. And because apparently he liked the project, Roland said yes. In order to keep their workload at a minimum, I then went and begged my tattooist to prepare the stencil, and he also said yes.”

“Anyways, all the Visavajara people are really awesome; we met at Catonium an hour before the beginning of the party, and they took us into the backstage room (an old style classroom usually used for roleplay), and from there on it’s pretty much all in the pictures.”

A few more pictures are after the break.

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31 thoughts on “Braille Scars

  1. That’s awesome. I wonder if the scar will keloid up so you could actually read it off their arm…healed pics would be awesome.

  2. Much as I usually don’t like scarification this is a pretty cool idea. Hope the wearer checked and double checked the braille (and then checked it again… and again) before getting it done though…

  3. i have braille brands over blackwork on my arm. unfortunately, they didn’t keloid and can’t be read like traditional braille.

  4. Thanks :)
    I too hope they keloid a lotm though scars on me usually do.
    And yes, I did my research ;)

  5. Wow, that’s a great one! Congrats, Darthside, keeping fingers crossed (and I’m like #4, not big on scars normally but this is a fantastic idea)

  6. Yay Braille. I do have such a soft spot for it.

    For those asking if it could be ‘read’ – probably yes, but not in a traditional manner [running fingertip over the text] as these dots are HUGE compared with standard Braille so would have to be felt out, dot-by-dot instead of just read normally.

    On the other hand, blind people’s fingers are sensitive enough to ‘read’ the scars even if they didn’t keloid, simply by feeling the difference in the texture of the skin. My blind boyfriend could feel my tattoos even though I couldn’t detect any difference between the feel of tattooed and untattooed skin.

  7. sandwich- that is real cool!
    braille superbly confuses me, but i suppose that is because i don’t need to use it on a day to day basis. but feeling for the differences are quite hard if you don’t have heightened senses.
    super neat scarification idea.

  8. thats sick, thats what i want to do for my knuckles.. hope to see update pics when its healing and/or healed

  9. Wow, I really like this idea. I have a blind sister, and, like Sandwich’s boyfriend, has super sensitive fingers and can sense very minute differences. Also, just to agree with Sandwich again, real Braille is teeeeny tiny compared to this, so it wouldn’t actually be able to be read in the normal way.
    Not to say I don’t like it, because I really really do. A lot. Kudos.

  10. I’m all about the braille scarification work…Not just functional but aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well.

    Reminds me if/when I get back in Toronto I need Blair to touch up my: “Love Self/Self Love” braille knuckle brandings.

  11. the braille i got on my thumbs a couple of years ago scarred up nicely.

  12. Since the keloiding pulls the skin together, it’s kinda hard to do Braille scars in original size. I guess you could, by poking the exact same spot over and over with a needle, but I’m not sure you’d get the same kind of result.
    But these aren’t even twice as large as most Braille signs I’ve seen used.

  13. I like this. Just everything about it. :)

    I hope those do heal up well, I’ve been playing with the idea of further scarring my suspension scars into my back and have been curious how healing goes with lots of dermal punching. . . .

  14. Wow. I’m a big Kushiel’s Legacy fan as well. That’s a great idea and I hope it keloids nicely.

  15. Bahahahah – Darth, always intriguing… ;) All knowledge is worth having…

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