Guess the pierced part!

Challenge c/o IronPaws:

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73 thoughts on “Guess the pierced part!

  1. I totally want to say “nipple”. Not because it specifically looks like a nipple, but because the idea amuses me. :)

  2. Where’s the click-through? How am I supposed to know if my guess at scrotum is right? How?!

  3. It’s either a scrotum or a nipple…

    …or something else that is far beyond my comprehension of being possible!

  4. i think that it’s a nipple. (there is a leg and knee in background – so penis is on lower level)

  5. I’m gonna hold out hope that one day there’ll be a guess what post with a freakishly streched out tongue web and give that as my guess.

  6. What, no zoomed-out picture? But IronPaws is one of the hottest guys on IAM! :(

  7. Probably scrote, no way is that a nipple. Where the hell is the click-through?

  8. No way it’s a nipple..way too huge for that..
    I’m thinking either scrotum or foreskin..
    but since I see one hair, I’m gonna say scrotum..

  9. first of all, i maintain that checking his page is cheating :)
    also, there’s probably no clickthrough yet to stop cheaters from peaking and then ‘guessing’
    and final, i’m going with something phallic. shannon tried to lead us astray with the last few clickthroughs but we shall not be moved! we all know he can’t change his ways so easily :)

  10. That has to be scrotum. It looks just like my six guage scrotal piercing…

  11. You guys are fucking great. Like especially, Asher, up there, but all of you are great. I feel so mysterious hahaha.

  12. Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing more ouch than sseing a young lady biting on a doo-dah ring!

  13. It’s clearly a scrotum. Or an elephant’s labia (uhm, is it ok to say that?).

  14. I know this isnt on topic but im trying to stretch my ears from 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 does anyone know anywhere to get good ear wieghts or any stretching tips? feel free to comment me on my myspace. thanks

  15. yeah, so, uh, hey Shannon… is there ever going to be a click-through, or does it tickle your fickle pickle to leave us guessing?

  16. He is standing and it’s around crotch height.. and then I also cheat and notice on his IAM that he has his foreskin pierced. Bing Bing.

  17. too low for nipple and the skin is all wrong, and too high for balls. so foreskin. seems weird, glad mines gone. haha

  18. upon second viewing, more like 10th, but whatever, i change my answer to balls, the skin is looped around the cbr which wouldnt work if it was foreskin. just sayin.

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