The Black Hole

I think today may be “pervert fun day” on ModBlog because I’m working on the interview book, but it’s gonna stop now because I’m going to the AGO to see the Frieda Kahlo exhibit. Anyway, when I was a kid in elementary school, one of my fond memories is from when they took the whole school into the gym to watch Disney’s The Black Hole. I was taking another look at it today, and you know, it’s not quite how I remember it. Click for a more graphic explanation.

It’s a drinking fountain for Romney voters!

Sorry I haven’t been around much to post lately. I’m trying to take what little good health I have left and invest it into completing my book of interviews with many of BME/HARD and BME/extreme’s most interesting members (“members”… get it?) — but while doing so, I saw this little gem and figured I should post it as a perhaps-obvious “guess what”. Enjoy, and click the picture to see the answer.

Guess What Plus Implants

I want to start off with a “guess what”… Click to see if you were right.


The mod you see in that picture is on Walker Bod Mod and was done by Oscar Kbza Santos. While I’m talking about Oscar, I wanted to show you his hand implants, because they’re a little unusual — unique would be a better word.


That reminds me that I’ve been meaning to show you Sandy from True Body Art, a beautiful looking studio in Zurich. Anyway, I spent some time looking at her hand implants, trying to figure out what they are — my first guess was some sort of I Ching symbol.


The truth more enigmatic and amusing — it’s actually a random shape devoid of specific meaning, and is there to confuse the viewer!!! This is especially funny because Sandy isn’t some strange troll that no one sees, or that when they do see, are afraid of them… She’s actually a very beautiful model in addition to being a body modification artist, so these unusual implants have been featured in the work of many photographers (the photo on the left is by Siete Ramirez, and the one on the right is by Dark-Style Fotografie), and I’m sure as a result a great deal of time has been spent pondering their meaning. She has an implant on her chest as well that is similarly strange. I always enjoy people who have a sense of humor.


Oh and you can click that picture for one last shot.

Now I get to do one!

I know Rob does lots of them, but I haven’t done a “guess what” in almost five years, so this is fun for me. For the answer, click the picture to see the uncropped version. I know that they say my personal motto is “it’s a cock, it’s always a cock”, so place your bets on whether my borders have expanded in the last half decade.


Guess What?

Well after yesterday’s play piercing related Guess What? post, I figured I should follow it up with one that involves a piercing of a more permanent nature.  There’s actually a great story that goes along with this one, so be sure to read ahead even if you can’t figure it out.

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Guess What?

It’s labour day today, which means school should be starting for most of the kiddies out there.  So in honour of the start of the school year, here’s your first pop-quiz.  Can you tell me exactly what is happening in this photo?  (Bonus points if you use the correct technical terminology)

Read ahead to see how you did.

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