More no-longer-attached flesh

Because I know you didn’t learn your lesson the last time… These bits came off of iam:Rees by the way. Thus, as I understand it, these are Rees’s Pieces!

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18 thoughts on “More no-longer-attached flesh

  1. It’s peculiar what grosses me out on here.

    This is one of those things. I do like the candy reference, though.

  2. I’m trying to come up with a witty “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter” gag for this one, but I’m stumped. When I first saw the flesh in the bowl, I kind of thought it was like a warped hand or something.

  3. i wouldent say those are lobes as looking at her i:am thay dont look any larger than 1.6mm if that .. would say its more like skin removal.. looked alot like mine when it was removed

  4. Ah, I thought it looked kind of finger-ish. Well done job with the lobe reduction, and “Rees’s Pieces” made me giggle.

  5. That appears to by a guys head, and yet Ree’s is definatly a girl… Just pointing it out.

  6. Haha…i was like, oh god, what am i going to see, on the click through.I was pleasantly surprised by it being a lobe :P.You get a bit sick of seeing penises after awhile :P
    And 55mm….wow.

  7. I didn’t think those were lobes! Rees is definately a lassie, but in that pic – she shaves?? :P haha

  8. Yeah, I’m thinking I messed something up and credited the wrong user… I just can’t bring myself to correct the mistake due to the final part.

  9. Thats pretty cool. Then I the Rees’s Peices part…. Im eating some right now… Kinda lost my apatite there. Lol

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