Knife Fight

Eye-slash scarification by Lewis Dodd at Trimur in Barcelona, Spain… I don’t know what this person’s story is, but don’t assume that he’s a poseur — the last couple scars like this I posted were all on people who lived high physical risk lives, but found themselves completely unharmed and unscarred by it, so they wanted to self-induce marks of their lifestyle (really not that different from getting a tattoo of something you love, I suppose).

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25 thoughts on “Knife Fight

  1. i have a small scar on my eyebrow from when i was 5 that ive wanted to get elongated ever since i first played FF8. looks awesome and definitely making me think about it.

  2. My knife is super-sharp, and that’s where it counts;
    I’m gonna make you bleed copious amounts!

  3. I’d love to see how this heals, especially since it’s something I’m considering doing myself one day.

  4. I thought about Scar from the Lion King =D I do every time I see a cutting/scar like that!

  5. i’m realy not concerned whether he’s a poseur; i was just thinking, “god, he let some thatclose to his eye!!! eeep!”

    I like it though, he’s scar from the lion king

  6. Do most people get the “poseur” feeling about facial scars like this? I think they look fantastic and don’t see any insincerity in it.. I am guessing that having your face slowly cut with a scalpel hurts, too, so it’s not even like it’s totally painless.

    I’m curious how prevalent that kind of reaction is, though.

  7. #14 I was thinking the same thing too. I love these scars and think they are beautiful and hellsa interesting.

  8. This guy had already a few facial scars from motorcycle accidents, but had had this scar on his mind since he was about 5, a pirate sword wound. his famillys reaction was ahh you finally got what u wanted for such a long time. I wouldnt consider him a poseur, or to have a high physical risk lifestyle, although being a graffiti artist can sometimes be high risk and involve physical police abuse. any quetions about him feel free to ask, thanks for the nice comments

  9. I agree with #14…”poseur” was not the first thing that came to mind. I think it’s bitchin’!

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  11. the termination pieces right before the top of the eye and right below the bottom of the eye make the “wound” look less accidental and more self inflicted/precise

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