Bodmod Nihilism

James recently got the bullet hole on his forehead covered up with a crown of skulls by Scooter at Carter’s Tattoos in Bowling Green, KY. You can see his page for clearer shots of the rest of his tattoos, but he explains,

“The crown covers the bullet hole in the center and I’m going back for a second session to add greys, background, and texture. It’s a welcome addition to my face — my left cheek was done by Travis King and my right cheek by Sarin. I always had a love for facial tattooing among other mods. It is my favorite body modification and each piece has deep meanings — the left side is demonic, and the right side is organic biomech, much like a ying-yang concept. The bullet hole and eyebrows, which are now being covered up, were just random additions, but my new piece is much like a crown — to balance things in my life if that makes sense.”

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8 thoughts on “Bodmod Nihilism

  1. Now thats an awesome addition it ties in well with the other pices even though they are all different which is sometimes hard to do & im glad to see some work other than tribal on the face!
    Nice work…. I look forward to the next step of shading, good choice James!

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