“Trust your Mechanic” -The Dead Kennedeys

Lefrog wrote me with some pictures from a great suspension they assisted for their friend Alan last Saturday. Alice filled me in on the back story, telling me Alan is from the Mutoid Waste Company, and cut the engine out of a van while hanging suicide-style from a crane. Shortly after he finished, the van caught fire and they let it burn out rather than extinguishing it. Alice also suspended (knees) that day, and their friend Mark hung as well. Photos by Dispel of Tattoo Nation UK — more continue after the break.

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21 thoughts on ““Trust your Mechanic” -The Dead Kennedeys

  1. a junkyard doesn’t seem like a very sanitary place to be putting holes in your back plus he isn’t wearing safety goggles. hanging from a crane and burning van cool though

  2. hah, thats such an amusingly random photo shoot. I love how one of the rope holders is wearing a kangaroo outfit in the second picture.

  3. I’m also questioning the sterility, but it’s still pretty awesome. Seeing the beer in the last picture is utterly reminding me that I haven’t had a drink in a week *sob*

  4. 4+8: regarding sterility :No picture of the piercing area were posted , The person wearing the kangaroo outfit has been a professional piercer in london for more than 15 years . I don t think he would have tolerated anything who might have jeopardized the sterility.

  5. The person suspending was fully aware of the risk involve in such suspension, our role as the person suspending him were to limit the risks as much as we humanly could.
    To be honest , I ve seen piercing area , mostly for shows and performances (indoor and outdoor) , way less practical, clean and organized as what we had on that day.
    But yeah it was a risky thing to do ( more regarding having to deal with pressurized gaz bottles, flames and 1.5 ton of metal hanging above him) than the suspension.
    He does this for his living, and knew full well what to expect too

  6. kangaroo man just happened to be wearing what he still had on from the night before. them’s his normal clothes (i’m his wife, i do his laundry).

  7. my mate was dressed as a kangaroo and i was wearing fluro socks because we”d been to t g the night before and had no sleep it was a good night though

    any way hope to see you all soon again love

    mad al

  8. AS one of the designated safety officers for the above event, i would like to clarify that:
    MadAlan need never wear safety goggles as he has High Impact Thermoplastic Polycarbonate Makrolon Eye-shells permanently fitted directly to his corneas.
    His socks are infact steel toe-capped, and although he’s had them on for 56 hours they were sterilised prior to fitting.

    My main concern is who is that feeling up MadAl’s arse? And are his hands sterile?

    go on Al

  9. hehe
    Nice to see the house of wah team @ it again with Dave (kangroo man) and added people (Nik and so on)

    Wish I was there, but I will try my unmost for the next suspension you guys set up! :D

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