29 thoughts on “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head

  1. That’s totally the best “eye in the back of my head” tattoo ever. He’s got the perfect head for maximum creepiness.

  2. haha this is wierd the little line in the back of his head looks kinda like a mouth

  3. that’s great….freaked me out at first though cuz i wasn’t really paying attention as i scrolled down….but that’s awesome

  4. I wonder if that head-wrinkle was a deciding factor in the decision to get this tattoo… if I knew someone with a head like that, I’d be constantly drawing silly faces on the back of their head.

  5. This is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. I just can’t stop seeing the whole thing as a face. LOVE IT!

  6. just recently i’ve been planning on getting a eye tatted on my left hand

  7. that is disgusting……
    not the tattoo, but the freaking fat head! GROSS!!!!!!
    i cant STAND that *shudder*

  8. haha, i LOVE fatheads! i hope he gets the crease inked up like a mouth of some sort. also, good tag shannon

  9. #9, etc:

    I know a guy who has no tattoos, but has the similar big wrinkle but also some smaller ones above so it looks like two squinty eyes and a mouth, and he named the whole thing “Bob.”

    First thing I thought on seeing this tattoo was, “yay for the cyclops Muppet guy!” 😀

  10. Back-of-Head-Cyclops is unimpressed… 😀

    That said, I love mods that work with the bodies quirks.

  11. That’s my home town! It’s nice to see unusual work coming out of there now. Used to be unheard of. Anything other than scratcher work was hard to come by.

    Creepy head.

  12. Hahah sorry but the line just looks like a mouth lol
    But on a serious note..it is a great tattoo

  13. I have to admit, 9 times out of 10 I don’t like eye tattoos. Especially on the back of heads. Artistically it looks like the shading just ends. It needs more subtle blending.

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