37 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Not normally a fan of little wings, but those work on her and the photos are composed beautifully.

  2. …what’s with the bra marks?? That’s not right.

    Otherwise, I’m not usually a fan of wings but these are great and the photos beautiful.

  3. Have to say I’m more impressed with the scenery than the tats.

  4. Yeah so I have mega bra marks, but I have to keep those things strapped for the most part dont I? ;]


  5. Oh no! Bra marks??? Heaven forbid the girl wears a bra! Somebody pick up the red phone and call the president! We’ve got a crisis here!

    Seriously though, those tattoos are beautiful :). The second photo and just the idea of the angel wings kind of reminds me of Rinoa from FFVIII, but that might just be because I’m a big nerd 🙂

  6. Beautiful wings; they look fantastic! And, the scenery of Table Rock’s view of the Rogue Valley is just icing on the cake!

  7. The spot where they chose is great! Love the tattoo, it’s really cute.

  8. @17: Eric, I grew up in Medford, but now live just outside Detroit, MI… Miss the Pacific NW something terrible. 🙂

    Thanks to Kelz for both the great wings and the beautiful scenery. 🙂

  9. @#15: it’s three AM, a phone is ringing in the whitehouse. who do you want to solve this terrible bra-strap crisis?

  10. They are really beautiful photos and the location WOW!
    @ #10 well she didn’t drive there with no clothes on.

  11. Love the photos and the tats, they look great but must say I agree with mg… The redness from her bra stood out (not necessarily a bad thing)… And no, I cant say My bra normally leaves red marks like that … 😉

  12. Looks fabulous, and I for one actually like the bra marks, makes the pictures more spur of the moment than planned and posed. I like. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing the opposite view, but hey, I like boobs.

  13. I must say, I moved to the Rogue Valley from NorCal and it was the best decision of my life so far – LOVE my new home, and am so stoked to see it depicted here!

  14. WOW that’s an incredible shot (the second one I mean). And I’m completely in love with those jeans!!!!

  15. I also thought of Rinoa from FFVIII. The tattoo’s are very cute, I really like them and I think the setting is very appropriate.

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