19 thoughts on “My hump, my hump, my lovely helix bumps

  1. these are so cute! SO CUTE! i’m sorry if these are on a boy but they are so sweet and adorable.

  2. I’m wondering if anyone knows how old these are or if anyone else has ever done implants on the helix like this. I like these a lot and would love to know how successful they are as an implant. Any complications? Rate of rejections?

  3. #3 You stole my question 😛

    i was thinking the same thing. They look great, i wouldn’t mind doing something like that but i would worry about they tightish/thinish nature of the skin on the helix of the ear.

  4. lol at the title.

    That looks like it would hurt like a bitch, but I totally dig them.

  5. I wonder if implants on the top of the ear could be a less invasive way of achieving the pointed ear look. These look really cool.

  6. I was wondering about the rejection rate as well.
    any body know?

    I’m also incredibly curious as to pricing/rejection rates of implants as a general whole.

  7. If a helix can hold implants then maybe my bony chicken chest can hold dermal achors. This pic gives me hope!

  8. I never even contemplated this but what an awesome idea and they do look extremely cute *wants to poke them*

  9. If I had that I’d forget about it and try to pop it as if it was a zit or something.

  10. wow, those are so clean they look almost natural, like they just grew that way. i love seeing ear-mod projects.

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