Tree Backpiece

This awesome full backpiece tree is a coverup of an old tribal tramp stamp (what an improvement!), done by Justin Bolonski (www) at Integrity Tattoo in Royersford, PA.

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66 thoughts on “Tree Backpiece

  1. This is a beautiful piece. I’m a tad bothered by the fact that you can still see the tribal on her lower back. Ehhhh…it’s still gorgeous though. =)

  2. its a really beautiful tattoo… but i can still see the old tattoo underneath… :-/
    will that fade in time, or would it need touching up?

  3. Really, really great tattoo! :) To me, who is born in Sweden, it clearly conjure the image of Yggdrasil, the great world tree from Norse religion.

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  5. i don’t think the old tribal takes away from the tattoo or anything.
    *shrugs* doesn’t bother me anyway.
    awesome tattoo though. :D reminds me of fairy tale trees.

  6. I’ve always wanted to get that sort of tree design scarred into my arm and this has inspired me to go back and find an artist.

    Absolutely amazing work.

  7. Wow I’m so happy to see this make modblog. I found this tree searching around on here awhile back to use as a reference point for the tattoo I’m getting on my ribs. I don’t really think the old tramp stamp is taking away from the design. But that’s just me.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the roots go down over her bum! I don’t know why, but I always really love well-done tree tattoos.

  9. Absolutely stunning. Pity you can still see the tribal but in a way it adds character…

  10. Dammit that’s a hot tattoo. And really similar to the one i’m going to get…i don’t feel so original anymore.

  11. that’s just plain gorgeous..I love the way the branches twist into each other.

  12. with a tattoo / body like that, she should walk around naked all the time just to show it off. *nod*

  13. I really like the tree but like some other have said it might have benefited her to go in for a few laser treatments before hand to lighten up the tribal underneath.

  14. #39/Jordan:

    I have an extremely similar backpiece (same sized tree on back with branches extending to shoulders and roots going to the bum) and it was done 5 years ago. Dont let a similar piece discourage you! People have a way of thinking similarly even when isolated from eachother….

    and plus, we’d all be tree people! :)

  15. #12 i thought of Yggdrasil too, my mental trigger was from House of Leaves though

  16. This is beautiful, I’d love to get a back piece like this some day, and I goto school literally five minutes away from royersford and never knew there was a shop nearby that could do such nice work.

  17. beautiful! and a magnificent ass, to boot. i really love the linework within the treetrunk, the curvature and sense of flowing motion in something as stationary as a thick tree with deep roots

  18. i find it funny how the ass crack got blocked out while we see so much more on other pics?? hah

  19. The detail on it is GREAT! I dont like the fact that you can still see the first tat but maybe over time and a few touch ups it would cover it completly?
    Either way I think its VERY well done!!

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