April Fools!

Yeah, I wish. Anyway, to give the new writers some time to get rolling on posts of their own, which hopefully will start quite soon, I’ve been asked to post a few more entries before I take off for the long weekend… It’s Victoria Day here so I’m looking forward to fireworks.

12 thoughts on “April Fools!

  1. I can’t say I know where that comes from (Junper says “Last House on the Left”, which i have no idea what that is)
    but I can for sure say that until I had a horror-movie fiend as a roommate, I had repeated those words in the dark of midnight under the covers on my bed for so many a-nights.
    For all you guys with major over-active imaginations like mine and who simply cannot handle horror movies, try watching the scariest ones over and over and have people wake you up with a revving chainsaw (yes, the bastard actually did it). Eventually you become numb to fear. LOL I SWEAR!

  2. “Posted by Shannon”? Didn´t I just say goodbye to Shannon, or is this just a glitch? 😛

  3. I wish it was April Fools, too 😛
    I really wish it were possible for Shannon to get the BodyTwo blog going again

    Anywho, I love The Last House on the Left! they’re re-making it, should be out later this year :(. I could also totally see me tanning around my tattoos.

  4. Shannon, please continue to write about BodyMod, here or somewhere else (BodyTwo, etc.) …

  5. #2 – You don’t put sunscreen on your tattoos before you tan?

    Well Shannon, so-long again. I hope to see you on bodytwo or somewhere else…

  6. I think there’s something in whatever legal agreement took place that makes him unable to talk about bodymod-related stuff on other blogs… maybe.

    I guess I’ll wait it out and see how Rachel does with posting and commentary, but I’m pretty sure this may be the end of reading bmezine for me. Unless there’s some way to filter posts and only see Roo’s.

  7. @9: of course there is a way: it’s called power browsing.

    aside from the tech aspects change is always sad.

  8. man. that movie messed me up. but then i found i had to make sure everyone else watched it too just so they could see why i was so disturbed by it.

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