16 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Needles

  1. Both sleeves look fantastic. I may not be much of a fan of bright, colorful tattoos, but this girl happens to pull them off exceptionally. Overall, great pictures. I’m all about them

  2. Asher- Larger gauge needles, with birthday candles? …or maybe i’m completely insane- either way they piercings are great, and her tattoos are faantastic!

  3. Scarlet Thread- I just meant that usually play-piercing is done with ~20g needles. But play-piercing with larger gauges is much sexier 🙂

  4. Blimey! Are those 14g needles? Maybe bigger????? Are those birthday candles? I thought they were those mini pencils you get, lol x x

  5. Very nice indeed….however I have to say the inverted cross scarafication is really nice too!

  6. Lovely tattoos that compliment the beautiful girl and the needle work is so scarily thrilling………..Please can you email me the tattoo artists address

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