Master of the Universe

Fingers crossed He-Man doesn’t spot the Skeletor post below, I think you’re safe though mister. He probably can’t see past high giant manly genitals!

Tattoo by Mike Haines, of Scarab Body Arts, Syracuse, NY.

24 thoughts on “Master of the Universe

  1. i love that there is alot more posts now but i agree with an earlier comment today of lack of text. i love reading about it and stuff.. know what i mean?

  2. he went against newton! He-man does not have the force.. he create the force!

  3. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh I never look at the names, not being on IAM and all. haha. Verdict: blind AND stupid

  4. If it’s a shoulder, why can you see what looks like a bluejeans belt loop low on the right? The hell part of the body IS it?

  5. he has the same hairdo as my mum….I’m always temped to shout ‘By the power of Greyskull, I HAVE THE POWER!’
    I don’t think it’d go down well though if I did.

  6. It looks like the shoulder, the jeans are on his back.. and there is a wee bit of chest hair above he-mans head

  7. the tattoo is on the top part of the shoulder, working it’s way down the arm. under him is the HE-MAN logo. so you were right, some of you.

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