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I get so many of these, they all sound the same which is why I’m guessing it’s the same film company who hasn’t found the right person to host. Personally I think Ron Garza would be perfect for this role.

Transmission Films is in search of a dynamic male host for a new show that travels the globe in search of the history and cultural significance of Tattoos.

We are in search of Males in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties to host our new and exciting show. The host will travel the globe and act as our guide to the intriguing sub culture of body art. Our host will immerse himself in various cultures from ancient tribes to modern gangs. OUR HOST WILL ALSO BE OUR CANVAS, AS HE WILL DOCUMENT HIS EXPERIENCE BY GETTING LOCALLY INKED. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO BE TATTOOED VARIOUS TIMES.

  • You must be comfortable immersing yourself in cultures that you might be unfamiliar with or that might be uncomfortable at times.
  • You must be a risk taker, adventurous and never afraid of backing down.
  • You must be in good physical condition.
  • You must be a true tattoo enthusiast.

If you are anyone you know is interested in this amazing opportunity please make a 5 minute video of yourself and send our way. Be yourself. Be natural. Be Creative and fun. Be conversational versus just running down the lists of questions with one-word answers. We want to see the true you. You do not have to answer in the exact order. Please make it your own. Avoid dark boring spaces. Lets us see you from the waist up. Energy up! You in your best mood!

Please Address the below points and questions in your tape.

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about you and your connection to tattoos.
  • Tell us what you love about tattoos and why.
  • Tell us about your tattoos if you are inked.
  • Tell us why you want to be the host of this show.
  • Do you have any travel restrictions?
  • What tattoo culture interests you the most and why and why would you want to travel to that specific county?
  • What tattoo do you dream of having the most? Where and Why?
  • Are you willing to be tattooed on camera?
  • What TV or media experience have you had?
  • Tell us your most harrowing travel story.


ATTN: Tattoo Casting
C/O: Sean Mullens
38 Miller Avenue #242
Mill Valley, CA 94941


If you do write in, be sure to tell them I sent you!

32 thoughts on “Talent Search

  1. They might have a bit more luck if they weren’t being gender specific. Gah!

  2. You kind of have to be gender specific for something like this, honestly. I’ve debated this in various forums previously, and if you think about it, the host being a man is necessary. Many cultures are dominated by men, and having a woman interact in this manner just isn’t an option. I’ve lived in Southeast Asian, and traveled pretty extensively overseas to countries where there are traditional/old forms of tattooing. It’s not some plot the producers have against women or anything ridiculous like that, it’s just how a show like this would HAVE to work.

  3. I have to agree. I think a woman would be better suited for “ratings” but moving through a lot of cultures, if it was a woman, they wouldn’t be able to even step foot into them.

    Did you know Afghanistan has a tattoo shop?

  4. Betty: Send in a tape! It can’t hurt and maybe it will open their eyes to a possibility they didn’t consider!

  5. i really don’t think it’ll hurt to send in a tape if you want to. they’ll either watch it and perhaps consider the possibility of a female host or they’ll throw it out. either way, you’re not really losing anything by trying. alot of the cultures that wouldn’t allow a woman in, also won’t allow a television crew in, let alone a westerner, so i think it’s probably more important to choose a host that is dynamic and engaging. good luck to all!

  6. This is a casting agency as well so that means they might put the tape into their files for future projects. I think a man/woman team would be more interesting.

  7. Random note: It’s odd that they said “never afraid of backing down” when I’m pretty sure they meant the exact opposite.

  8. Ron would totally be an awesome choice I think too lmao I know I’d definitely be down for seeing Ron on tv going all over the world and doing what was said :D *nods*

    In theory I think it would be an amazing experience to do, but personally myself I don’t think I could do it…Knowing me I’d probably get shot lmao

  9. They might be casting males only, as a male’s chest would not have to be blurred out/censored while showing the tattooing on TV.

  10. Sounds like it might be a lot of fun. I might have even been interested except for the fact that they want you to get tattooed all over the place. I tend to CAREFULLY consider and decide and refine my ideas for long periods of time, considering I only have so much skin to cover. Ill end up covered, but I sure as hell dont want to be covered in a bunch of random spur of the moment stuff.

  11. So now that shannons got so much free time on his hands…
    Something seems off about the letter, though I’d still love to do this.

  12. i would love to do this& to travel around that would be an amazing expierce just by itself, but to see how people do body modification up close&&on your own body; that would be even better. tooo bad they aren’t looking for females :( who knows maybe i should try anyway.

  13. As I said in the first part of the post, it looks like they haven’t found their host since they keep emailing me. :)

  14. ermm.. is this open for all entry from different country or there is some restriction? i’m from Asian country by the way and i am interested.

  15. I don’t think this show will end up going ahead. For one, it’s going to be hard to find someone who’ll take all the tattooing. Sure, tribal tattooing is in vogue, so lots of people will want Borneo roses and kirituhi. But gang tattoos aren’t very appealing, especially if you’re IN the culture being tattooed with the same filthy hand-made equipment a lot of gangbangers get tattooed with. And consider the fact that they’ll probably want a white male host. Many MANY street gangs won’t even allow a white boy to tag along with them.

    Secondly, it’s probably not a major studio doing this. To find all the cultures they want to engage with and live in… it isn’t going to be that easy to get an ‘in’. If they came to NZ and wanted to get a Maori tattoo, sure it’d be easy. Go to Auckland and see George Nuku, Tu Duleyz, or Arapeta Kaiwai. But to live in the culture? Maori live the same way you or I live, a large percentage of them are completely urbanized (sorry, I should’ve said over 90% of them are urban) with no ties to their tribal territory. I’m one of the lucky ones in that I know my roots, but am completely urban raised and of duel cultures. So it wouldn’t make good TV to just live in a normal day-to-day situation. Marae, hangi, waiata, haka, all stereotypical but not a part of every Maori person’s life. I bet it’s the same for a lot of indigenous cultures.

    Thus, if it’s not a major studio, and their bankroll isn’t massive, I wouldn’t put myself in situations which could be life-threatening without some major backing. Gangs? That’s certainly ratings gold. But living with them? Urrrrrgh. That shit ain’t peaches and cream, hahaha.

  16. I have one thing to say to Jon P: Jackass, Wildboyz, etc… ‘Stupid Americans’ are accepted almost anywhere. I don’t think it’d be that hard to make this show.

  17. @27: that’s the problem though. Someone who acts like the stereotypical stupid, loud, arrogant American is not going to be a good candidate for this quasi-anthropological documentary kind of thing. More National Geographic, less Jackass.

    They need somebody who’s got a special combination of adventurousness and humility.

  18. Xenobiologista: That’s true. I’m sure there are people who do fit those qualifications though, that’s what I mean. The fact that the guys from Jackass were accepted amongst so many other cultures just because they were willing to do the things that they normally do makes me believe that if some American came into their country to learn more about it and modify themselves in the process, they’d definitely be willing. Of course there are some places where it would not be so accepted but there are plenty of people/places to create a show like this. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I’d love to see this show if it comes out.

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