BME Update – 2,307 new images

I went away for the weekend. It wasn’t worth the stress and the headache of knowing I wouldn’t be updating. At least the site only had to go 3 days without a massive update. This update is full of tattoo goodness. The missing May 24th images should be resurrected by this update. Not sure what happened. It’s most likely an error in the zip file that didn’t unzip properly causing the HTML files not to be updated. The search engine on the main page is also working again.

The cover for this update is unmistakably work by Cere on MagneticDistortion. Not only is Cere BME, you are. I am. We all are. If it wasn’t for the community. Where would any of us be?

The next image update should include more work by Cere as well. Hopefully some great photos out of Texas and I know I’ll have convention coverage from NIX after the convention in the middle of June. I’m going to have a booth there which is nice. Notice the banners? If you’re in the Toronto area, hope to see you there.

The only thing I need now is a great convention banner. Anyone feeling creative?

27 thoughts on “BME Update – 2,307 new images

  1. I second the second!

    I wonder how long before this gets deleted…

    Also, Cere does some awesome frickin work!

  2. Emily: Its not really “the new site”…Its the same site its been for quite a few years…Right now things are being tweaked and corrected that need to be tweaked and corrected.

    I’ve noticed a couple glitches with the main site search function as well, which I’ve contacted Jon and informed him of.

    I attempted what you were doing and got the same results however if you select “Floral Tattoos” once you get to it will refine your search better.

    Although yeah these are potential glitches that Jon in someway shape or form has been made aware of. And I’m positive he’ll have it on his list of things to refine/tune up/tweak.

    Rachel: I think the latest update would be ideal for a BME banner ;p

    With the banner you’re just thinking a “whatever long as its great” right? doesn’t have to be artwork/paint/drawing it can be media related (pictures,etc) right?

  3. as easy as it is to think that, if you put a little effort into anything other than hating him, you’ll probably find he’s actually a really decent guy.

    truuust me.

    oh, but he’s also totally an asshole. just not really.

  4. yeah, but christen, I tend to think that an important part of being “a really decent guy” is, you know, *not* being a massive asshole, and that being “totally an asshole” excludes you from the “really decent guy” category. just a thought.

  5. you don’t have to have met the guy to be offended by the absurd and obscene amounts of bullshit he comes out with on this site. no amount of “being a decent guy” could make up for the endless torrent of offensive horseshit he comes out with.

  6. Just curious fuus, can you state an example of something Ive said that was bullshit and offensive? Im a very honest person adn will not lie, which I think is the quality of mine that irks people on the internet so much. The web is nothing BUT lies, cowards hiding behind pseudonyms and whatnot, so when someone actually speaks their mind its considered offensive. That said, its AMAZING the distinct differences between people who know me in real life and those who only interact thru forums. You can always tell whose met me by whether they like me as a person or not.

    Other then that though, Id have to completely disagree with you fuus. I think that being a decent guy can ABSOLUTELY make up for being offensive. By your logic, if a man cures cancer, feeds the hungry and homeless and creates world peace ever offends anyone online, then he should be condemned? THAT is complete horseshit.

  7. I think its a awesome tatt, but it looks kinda quickly and shoddily done to me.

  8. Anyone that actually knows Cere.. knows he’s direct and to the point. Some see that as him being as asshole. Having known cere for quite some time, he’s a very nice, very cool guy. But being opinionated and passionate isn’t for everyone now is it.

    Cere.. the kids bring up the “duct tape” game every now and again!

  9. hahaha, why can’t people say they think cere is an asshole, cere doesn’t actually care, in fact, he is always quick to respond with something you could either consider offensive or funny, and then we have a back and forth and isn’t that fun? He puts himself out there and yeah, a lot of the times he seems to be an asshole if you don’t agree with what he is saying (though I usually do agree, or at least I almost always think he is funny and original). Sure, people don’t know everyone on this site becuase it is a website and not just a website that is used by people from the same little social clique, but if cere wants to be all out there people are going to form oppinions of him and the whole “you don’t know him so you can’ty say shit” arguement is stupid because cere is always saying things that could or could not be percieved as asshol-ish (and that’s kind of the point, he’s not just “to the point” and “direct”, he is honest and at times over the top to make his points, and his sense of humor is not one that most people share. So if people are offended by most of what he says and thinks he says or responds to other people in a rude way, they’re entitled to have that oppinion (and just because the people that run and have run these sites are friends with cere doesn’t mean the oppinion “cere is an asshole” is invalid). In fact, a few things cere has said on modblog or IAM might have been TOSed if someone who weren’t cere said them. I’m not complaining or saying the moderators sucks, not at all, I’m just saying its perfectly understandable that some people find cere offensive. If you are active on a public forum or website people will make judgements of you based on what you present of youtself, and ceres public persona is extreme, probably true to the man himself, but he doesn’t hold punches and he says what he thinks, sometimes not in the most friendly way. My judgement is “cere is witty and I wouldn’t mind if he pinched my left butt cheek” certainly my opinion doesn’t mean shit to cere, but I have it, so if people get to say “cere is sooooo funny!!!” or “cere, please come pinch my tooshie” people can also say “cere is a jerkwad” or “I find cere totally offensive” and their oppinions aren’t any less okay just because the rest of us humbly disagree. My positive conception of cere is based on nothing but what I’ve read in forums and nobody is crying about that.

    also, we all know ceres “cere” tattoos aren’t the4 most well executed tattoos ever, but thats why we like them, isnt it. Or maybe we like them because its cere.

    Also, did I just make a whole post about cere? yes i did. now come pinch my tooshie.

  10. Prax, I had this whole response written tearing you apart for daring to even think that people could disagree with me! But then you said I can pinch your toosh. And that makes it all better…

  11. Cere offends me all the time. But he really is so nice that it makes you forget about it.

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