23 thoughts on “Brotherly Flattery

  1. i dont think it was Dagon, i think its just that she has been put up on here a shit load of times because of her awsome facial tats…anyway,i personaly feel that Bronte is one of the most attractive girls on BME

  2. That’s the cutest picture! I love her facial tats so much, I wish I was brave enough to get something similar done.

  3. Oooh, I guess I saw it on her page. =3 Hee hee. Not that I have a problem with some double posts anyway.

  4. Yes, my older brother “sharpied” his face tattoos on. It was a joke and I didn’t know he was doing it. We tried to get our Mom to join in the fun, but she declined.

    My bro is the shiznit!

    IAM Bronte_1975

  5. It reminds me of the entries with the family with the little girl having stretched ears as well as the mom, and the little boy had drawn all over his face.


  6. this photo just makes me so happy in so many ways. i’m pretty much the only tattooed person in my immediate family, and sometimes it makes me sad that none of my siblings or my parents appreciate body art in the slightest.

    anyway. Bronte, you are so beautiful, and your brother is such an awesome guy for having some fun. you both look so happy in the picture, it totally makes me day. ^_^

  7. It’s so nice to see siblings having so much fun together instead of fighting. Very nice facial work on Bronte, and her brother’s “Sharpie” tats are nice, too.

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