BME Update – 2,300 Images

A nice even numbered update for you today. The beautiful resilient has graced us with her presence. I’ve been grouping the updates by type and that seems to give fairly large updates every other day. I’m hesitant to do daily updates as there is so much going on and the machine requires a fair amount of baby sitting to keep the build process going. While planning for BMEfest, I can’t really commit to that right now. The every other day mega updates seem to work out well.

As a thank you to those who have been buying their ModProm tickets in advance. I decided to select someone who had already purchased a ticket to receive some custom jewelry from one of our sponsors. Our pre-prom give aways are courtesy of Aesthetics Body Mod. We have 2 more raffles coming up and only those who have purchased their tickets prior to the day I choose to pick out of the hat (just kidding, I’m using a random number generator by order of the guest list) are the guests who are eligible for these amazing gifts!

The lucky number was 27 which was IAM’s very own JesseV. You could be the next winner!

Please buy your tickets for ModProm before we sell out! There are only 200 seats available in total and most of those are already gone!

5 thoughts on “BME Update – 2,300 Images

  1. For some reason, I haven’t seen any picture updates. The most recent are the May 24th ones.

  2. why don’t you do a bmefest in germany?
    I’d come!
    and it would be some kind of provocation,wouldn’t it be funny? ^^

  3. I may be coming out to Germany for BMXnet. 🙂 Should be a fun time. I’ve come up with a way to do the VERY SIMPLE steps to get BME removed from being blacklisted in Germany. It should be okay soon!

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