Pain Solution Meets Russia.

These fantastic photos (courtesy of IAM: clockorange) are from Pain Solution‘s first ever performance in St. Petersburg, Russia!

The headmaster of Fakir Skolen (the Fakir School) is Havve Fjell. A couple more photos after the break..

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23 thoughts on “Pain Solution Meets Russia.

  1. Awesome shots! ^^ I’d love to see Pain Solution live some time, they look so intense..!

    By the way, Håvve Fjell is the founder of “Fakirskolen” as far as I know. Anyway, he’s the one who started Pain Solution in the 90s, so he isn’t really a “student” but the teacher..

  2. I’ve met HÅVVE a few times. amazing man! full of smiles and such amazing energy. it’s as much fun to hang out with him as it is to watch him perform.

  3. aah. they preformed at kanalrock in horten, norway in august last year. got damn i loved their show :D
    it was a surprise show as well, so i didn’t except anything and it just blew my brains out!
    also they had a mini show on a after school program on national television. that was awsome. especially since there’s just kids watching the show…

  4. i havent seen pain solution live yet, but they are gonna preform at 28.june, and i july there is oslo SusCon, so im gonna flyyyyy aswell! :D

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