Uplifting Boobs.

“This is the sort of treatment I give to my sex slave. She was hanging around at my place today, hope you all enjoy it as much as she did!”

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45 thoughts on “Uplifting Boobs.

  1. There’s not much that turns me off..

    unfortunately this is one of them. But.. *to each their own*.

  2. Ah, I see. Well, asphyxiation play doesn’t seem to far away if you’re into this kind of bondage.
    It sure looks extreme, but if I was to guess I’d say that it’s not that harmful, is it?

  3. Nononono! Asphyxiation play is DANGEROUS! As far as I know even professionals with years of experience refuse to do it. Please don’t try this at home!

  4. I thought so, but I needed to state anyway that breath deprivation is a very dangerous practice. As in “hundreds die” :( The scene portayed on the photo is not risky in that way because she has her hands free and can tear the bag away if needed.

  5. Good thing she kept her watch on – i always want to know what time it is when i’m involved in asphyxiation / torture play.


  6. My boobs crawled away in terror. I’ve done some breathplay in my time, and so far I haven’t died or been sent to the hospital, I hope it remains this way! Man, keep on keeping on you two, that’s pretty rad.

    Is it just me or are more and more suspension sites looking like construction hazard zones? haha.

  7. I dig this place because even if you’re not into it, you’re not judgemental. Torture play fascinates me, though I couldn’t do it. Maybe someday. She’s at the point I’d like to be at, someday.

  8. yeah, not my thing… my boobs are afraid lol.
    but like others have said, even though she’s not at risk of dying with that bag over her head… my friend DIED in 2004 from asphyxiation… he was alone at the time, no one could have helped him. So if you do feel the need to do that kinda thing, never do it alone.

  9. Really, I understand that suspension is some peoples thing, but breasts are really beautiful….this is just flat out destroying the beauty as far as I’m concerned

  10. okay…nothing on modblog makes me cringe anymore, but this? my boobies ran screaming from this. if it’s their thing, i’m really happy for them, but that is just WAAAY too intense for me…

  11. #27- I know a girl whos boyfriend got pissed when she got her nipples pierced, claiming she was mutilating her genitalia…It is all in the eyes of the beholder. If this makes them both hot and heavy, good shit for them! I’m glad they have the balls to try something so extreme.

  12. @ #15- I think the suspension is even dangerous on its own, the strain on the chest/stomach muscles will eventually interfere with breathing, just like during crucification.

    @ artist/master- although I like bdsm, that is not exactly what rocks my boat. Nice if it suits you though. Just wanted you to know that you´re not the only “pervs” around ^^

    sorry if my style and spelling lack right now, but I´m hung over

  13. Oh for fuck’s sake #13. Drinking alcohol is dangerous, driving a car is dangerous, life is dangerous. If we had the safety police behind our backs every step of the way, we’d all be sitting in darkened rooms rocking backwards and forwards and crying into our lukewarm cups of tea.

  14. Stop freaking out, if you didn’t read the post, the person who took the picture of the suspendee is WITH HER. She’s not going to suffocate or have her breasts drop off from gangrene or something.

    Plus, I imagine that hanging from the tops of one’s breasts is safer in terms of allowing blood circulation than having a rope tied AROUND them till they turn purple like in some BDSM p0rn.

  15. im kinda surprised by the shocked reactions to this considering all that weve seen on modblog yall. :p

  16. D: D: D:

    I think my boobies just tried to crawl back into my chest.

    But hey, if she likes it, more power to her.

    And people, she’s not a toddler. The bag doesn’t seem to be tied on and her hands are free, so it’s not like she was in any danger of asphyxiation.

    And #33, to me it looks like the rope IS tied around the breasts, or at least the lines would suggest as much. I don’t see any hooks.

  17. Wow, yeah I agree with #34. We’ve all seen boobs treated just as harshly, and this is the picture that gets everyone. Heh.

  18. I read a blog by someone who probably would be very envious of the suspendee if she saw this ever. (Of course if she saw it she wouldn’t be alone and so it might happen soon!)

    I agree, my own boobs want to run to another state at the mere thought, but there are people who actually enjoy the whole “tied or squeezed up so tight they’re spherical and bright purple” thing. We’re talking people who like the idea of binder clips X infinity with huge weights hanging on there. Better yet if someone else put them on and won’t remove them. I don’t get it. But that’s what makes it an interesting “wow, people really are out there” nice site to visit.

    So yeah, I’m imagining the sex slave is not unhappy about this, or perhaps better put, will be very pleased about it tomorrow. Particularly if it leaves marks for a while.

  19. This makes me wish my boobs were big enough to hang from! But they’re not…not even close…sooooo I’ll live vicariously through this happy person in the picture, good times!

  20. I’m not talking about the picture, even my original comment was directed to #7:

    “Ah, I see. Well, asphyxiation play doesn’t seem to far away if you’re into this kind of bondage.
    It sure looks extreme, but if I was to guess I’d say that it’s not that harmful, is it?
    Caffeine on June 11th, 2008 at 12:39 pm”

    To tell him/her that asphyxiation play *is* too far away even for people who is into that kind of thing and that it might be “that harmful”.
    I’m not saying that the girl in the picture is going to suffocate, I don’t even think what’s portrayed on the picture is asphyxiation play! I’m saying that asphyxiation play is no joke and you can die doing it.
    Because some clueless people can read this site, see the comment saying “it’s not that harmful”, decide to try it and kill themselves. It happens, just look at the comments. I’m trying to prevent this from happening.

    And by the way, #31, there’s a middle ground beetween “sitting in darkened rooms rocking backwards and forwards and crying into our lukewarm cups of tea” and throwing yourself to every stupid risk available. I think statistically breath control play is more dangerous than unsafe sex: do you think safe sex is for cowards?

  21. Asphyxiation play is dangerous only when taken to extremes… you make it sound like even holding your breath is dangerous. Stop blanketting things.

    Michael Hutchence style? Yeah, that’d be dangerous. But right now you’re just interfering when we could all just have discussed the photo.

    Anyway – “hundreds die” is a meaningless statistic. Hundreds per unit what? Per year? Per thousand participants? Both? Hundreds out of millions = pissing small risk, hundreds out of ever = virtually no risk… stop making up meaningless statistics.

    It is a high-risk kink – RELATIVELY. There are worse things, and certainly less-fun things!!

  22. that doesn’t even seem physically possible to me, i keep looking to see if there’s something else holding her up but i guess not.


  23. SCC or RACK it’s all in the eyes of the beholder but this falls within the milder things I’ve seen in the lifestyle.

  24. This is pretty tame compared to other things I’ve seen in the kinky world (I’m agreeing with #43). This might be a little dangerous, but certainly not as much as some of the other things that are posted on modblog, I wish so many people wouldn’t be so judgmental and freaking out about it.

  25. very nice. i’m a huge fan of rope suspensions and tit bondage, but this one seems a little precarious. hot, but precarious. i would not feel comfortable or safe at all being suspended like this.

    and chrome, i don’t think you have any obligation to be everyone’s fearmongering parent.

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