Revenge of the Nerds!

I promised you more geek related (ok, some of them are just beautifully nerdy) tattoos, and here they are!

I got the Tetris tattoos first because I’m a huge Tetris nerd. Afterwards I realized it only made sense to add some Mario-ness since the only games I know how to play are Tetris and Mario :P. I went with Mario III because that’s what I play most often (it’s on my Gameboy which I keep in my bathroom). The Tetris pieces are staying unfilled and the Mario will all be colored and another half dozen pieces added as well as some background.

By the way, the third photo is her armpit.

IAM: bennynerd – Clickthrough for larger views and read on for more..

The next is my favourite! It’s Molly, the Morton Salt Girl, by Betty Rose, Red Rocket Tattoo, NYC.


And this one is also my favourite, there wasn’t much information included with it but as you can see it’s half squid and half toaster! By Brandi, Nine Lives Tattoo, Seaside, OR.

I mean, what’s the point of buying a toaster with artificial intelligence if you don’t like toast?

And finally, Miss Ashlee sent in this shot of her Rainbow Brite tattoo..

Because without her, everything will turn gray and die.

Chris Friend, Body Graphics, Indiana.

34 thoughts on “Revenge of the Nerds!

  1. I love the toaster squid. I’ve seen the Morton Salt tattoo before — maybe on a different person, dunno — without colour. Cute.

  2. hahahah i just looked on here and was totally amazed and confused this was on there. I forgot about shannon emailing me about this earlier.

  3. Bill – There’s nothing eighties about LSD, or Mario, or many of the tattoos above.

    I think it’s pretty cool because it shows that people who are now becoming interested in tattoos are using them to bring back fond memories of their childhood, and that the things they enjoyed doing then they still enjoy now. There’s nowt wrong with that.

  4. mario, tetris, rainbow bright… yes it is. and i keep seeing so many people with tattoos like that. for some reason it’s like the new fad.

  5. i don’t think it’s a fad. they liked those things when they were young, so why not get tattoos of them.

  6. go into any clothing store that has anything younger people wear. you will agree, trust me.

  7. Bill – I do get your point but I don’t see any harm at all in introducing younger people to what us “oldies” enjoyed as kids, maybe they will too!

    And I don’t think you can call Mario or Tetris a fad, they’ve definitely been around long enough to warrant the term – Legendary.

  8. well lately being into that stuff is like “the thing.” really. trust me. i’m not bashing it’s just getting old to look at. almost… cheapening something that is nostalgic to myself and a lot of people in there early 20′s.

  9. I hear you Bill- retro is a fashion trend atm, but just because it’s fashionable it doesn’t follow that it’s wrong.
    The only “problem” I can possible think of is that tattoos are as permanent as the body they’re while trends come and go. But as anyone who has family/friends who have tried to convince them not to get mods will know, this argument really doesn’t mean much.

  10. oh i am just SOOO in love with the mario shenanigans! now seems like a good time to send in my mario tattoos!

  11. 21: I think she means nerdcore tattoo’s as opposed to their subject matter.
    I’ve noticed this as well though, strangely enough they usually go hand in hand with the diamond tattoo, but it’s not a bad thing.

  12. Roo- There was a massive overkill of 80s-esque fluro, large slogan t-shirts and runners in mainstream youth fashion last (Australian) summer. The trend is called Nu Rave & you’re lucky if you haven had your retina burned by it at music gigs!
    I’m not saying that these people are mindlessly following a trend, I love the mario/tetris tattoo- it’s a fantastic piece of work and has huge nostalgia value, which I love. These tattoos exist in the same world as nu rave, and while they are clearly separate I assumed that that is what Bill was talking about and disagreed with his dismissive/defensive attitude towards it. But that doesn’t stop that the revival of the 80s and the childhood iconography that 80s kids associate with that is trendy at the moment.
    Google it if you’re brave! 🙂

  13. Could Bill say “trust me” any more times? It makes him seem all the less trustworthy, which makes me think that if I wander into a teen clothing store I will see everything BUT what he describes…hmmm.

  14. The toaster-squid reminds me so much of Mindless Self Indulgence.

    It’s something about the colours and style of it….but it bears a definite similarity to a lot of the MSI artwork.

    Love it.

  15. The squidtoasters been posted on here before, but I applaude you for the red dwarf reference

  16. BILL – cheapening something that is nostalgic to myself and a lot of people in there early 20’s.

    Are you shitting me? Grow up and quit taking yourself so seriously. So some kid gets a Mario tattoo. Big deal. Besides, if you are in your 20′s that means I was playing Mario games before you were even fucking born. So STFU and quit trying so hard.

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