Let’s Talk About Text, Baby!

#Let’s talk about all the good things you want tattooed on your (pause…) body#

Everyone likes words don’t they! I’ve got a couple of favourites myself: Slippery is one them, bulbous is pretty high up on the list too, as are artichoke, crumbs, flaccid, tubular, shazam (is a word) and shuffle to name but a few..

I could go on but I really shouldn’t, I can’t afford to get too excited at my ripe old age and none of them appear in the following set of photos anyway.

Life is ace!
These are Paul‘s fingers by Gary of Positive Vibrations (rather appropriately), Portugal.

Next is a “titty-tatt” on the beautifully cursed and happily curved Stacy, by Manuel, Tattooed Planet, Tempe, AZ.


Logan adds – “Listening to MC Hammer makes for awesome tattoos!


Clickthrough for larger views!

The last in this series isn’t strictly text, ok it’s not text at all but I though it was quite cute.

Whilst James was employed as an EMT he managed to smuggle his wife into the hospital he was working at, perform an EKG on her, secrete the graph paper in a hollowed out Ohmeda 4700 OxyCap Pulse Oximeter Monitor (he’d planned this months in advance, obviously) then vanish like a pair of wrinkly ninjas before anybody noticed..

Me and my heart went boom, boom titty boom titty boom titty boom, when I found you!

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53 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Text, Baby!

  1. Aww, the EKG one is very sweet! Favorite words for me: facetious, globular, reticent and hellish.

  2. Dear lord, I love that last story. And I dig the way that “stand your ground” wraps around that neck. I have a page of quotes and words I want to get in the future. So far I have “the wind below,” “el fuego y la palabra,” “all crowns will fly, all thrones will fall,” “for everyone, everything,” “libertad” and “speak, remembering we were never meant to survive.” Up next: “kitsch” and i’m contemplating Keats epigraph: “here lies one whose name was writ in water”

  3. I hope those breasts are real, because if they are not, I’m going to be really pissed.

    The tattoo is beautiful though.

  4. I had wanted to get an EKG of V-tach (a form of cardiac arest) somewhere on me since I had Supra Ventricular Tachacardia, Under stress my body would go into V-tach.

    Though I don’t think I like the curvs one, personaly I don’t think Cute is What We Aim For has a lyrical quality for ink on me

  5. I’m getting “Awake & Arise” (from John Milton’s Paradise Lost: ‘awake, arise, or be forever fallen’) tattooed this month on my collarbone

    next will be “Rule every moment, Seize every day” on my stomach (from Shai Hulud’s ‘Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens’)

  6. I would love a textual tattoo.
    Can’t decide on what to get though.
    Very sad.
    sad. sad. sad.

  7. I don’t care if the breasts aren’t real, they’re very nice. I haven’t heard that song in ages though :(
    The rest are very nice also but the ekg one makes me smile and go “awe”.

  8. Theres no greater word than ARSE.

    Except maybe cock.

    Love the story on the heart rythym…

  9. to PRAXIS: where did you find, “speak, remembering we were never meant to survive.” that’s so wonderful…

  10. dank is my fave.
    i’m contemplating getting “COME ON!” tattooed across my back.

  11. I like “Kamikaze” cuz of someone I knew who commited suicide – and I call them my kamikaze hero because without them I would be dead…

    **Kamikaze in this case means wreckless with suicidal intent, the most modern meaning — not divine wind, or the bomber pilots….

  12. I love Spaced!

    Apologies for shattering your illusions everyone, but there’s absolutely no truth to the last part of this post, I made it up (although it is an EKG of his wife’s heart rhythm and he was an EMT). I don’t want him getting into trouble for pinching office supplies :p

  13. the EKG is a pretty sweet idea.

    im looking into getting Aude Sapere somewhere on me. either that or the english meaning, dare to know. idk, im a fan of latin and wish i could speak it. but its one of the few tattoo ideas i would actually want people to see, so i might go english. but i just love the way aude sapere sounds…

  14. Wait…life is…life is what? Life is the ace of hearts? Life is a ring? Life is being married to the ace of hearts? What the hell does it mean?

  15. Cool Tat, and I love the word bulbous! But my all time favourite is flap/flappy :)

  16. intangible is clearly the best word ever. the payable on death tattoo is real pretty.

  17. Although the script is beautiful, it is so painful to see grammar/spelling mistakes in tattoos! *She’s* got the curse of curves, not “shes.” Ughhh.

  18. “Me and my heart went boom, boom titty boom titty boom titty boom, when I found you!”

    and now im thinking of the itallian guy off of “allo allo”

  19. I wonder if when the girl in photo one lets go of her breast part or all of the tattoo would be obscured? seems it would work that way with my breasts.

  20. Alright…
    I’d have to say my all time favorite word is nipple… I use the c-word a lot too (I don’t know if it’d offend someone, so I didn’t spell it).

    Words in general are my favorite :)

  21. I’ve wanted this one since the accidental leaking of System of a Downs “Toxicity II” that they released eventually as Steal This Album. I heard those songs and some others before I even bought Toxicity and I think they’re so much better as raw versions because I love Serj’s voice and it is, as I said, rawer in the un-produced version. But anyway, I think these words are so sad and beautiful at the same time.

    “The purest forms of life
    Our days are never coming back
    The cannons of our time
    Our days are never coming back”

    But lately I’ve been more towards only the “Our Days Are Never Coming Back” part.

  22. Oh, Stacy – high-five for the Cute Is What We Aim For. That’s the song that got me hooked.

    The word ‘velvet’ sends shivers all through me. I can’t use it too many times in a row. ‘Verdure’ is a new favourite, and ‘cogent’ is nice.

  23. 2 & 24: p.s. you won’t believe how many people i know (who don’t know each other) are completely disturbed by the word “moist,” also “yeast,” “panties,” and “fondle.” so i made up this sentence, “may I fondle your yeasty panties?”

  24. Roo Rah: Last night was an A-1, tiptop clubbing jam faire, a sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread, wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge, doesn’t get much better than that…I just wish that I could control these FUCKING MOOD SWINGS!

    <3 Tyres, <3 Brit Comedy

  25. Yay for me! Those are my fingers =) LOL at comment 23. It’s not rocket science! I guess the phrase ‘Ace’ doesn’t get used wherever you are from. My fingers do say ‘Life is Ace’, but they also say ‘Life is my wife’ (reference to my wedding ring) and also ‘Life is love / love life’ (reference to the heart). They also say ‘life is a game’, reference to the game of cards. I like ‘em! I had them done on my honeymoon in the Algarve, Portugal (married IAM:VoodooChica – we met on IAM!).


  26. I love words. All of these tattoos are great. I plan on having many textual tattoos myself. I already have my first, as part of my back piece “All the World’s a Stage”…though my fucking apostrophe is in the wrong fucking place. It reads “All the Worlds’ a Stage”..No one seems to notice but me…But I KNOW it’s there!

  27. ok; secretly, i am a cute is what we aim for fan. actually it’s not so secret anymore.
    but the term; “curse of curves” is actually a negative one (when used in the song). it’s about not wanting someone so shallow and full-of themselves.
    and freedomhangs; that’s the first thing i saw as well. :/
    lovely tattoo though, it has a REALLY pretty script and it fits her curves nicely.

  28. My favourite words are


    And as #46 (Zombea) said, juxtapose is a great word.

    Words are fun. =D

  29. CITIZENBLUE- “speak, remebering that we were never meant to survive.” is a line in a poem by audre lorde. I love that line so much!

  30. while browsing for ideas for my next lettering tattoo i came across this post… and am now compelled to give my input even though the thread is really old :P

    its not about what band sings the song… its about what that lyric represents for me personally. and ya it was meant to have a somewhat tongue in cheek/negative connotation.

    thanks for the kind words though… yes they are real and yes some of the tattoo is “underneath” depending on positioning but the first word or so peeks out of swim suits/bras/etc.

    oh and good catch to the grammar guy… i keep meaning to have one put in but no one ever calls me out on it… so that combined with fact that i cant easily see the tattoo on my body tends to cause it to slip my mind…. guess i better get on it! ha

  31. I now know a geek badge I can get, the Aperture Science Logo as demonstrated in the MC Hammer photo.

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