Show Off Your Wet Bits.

I must admit when I first saw this these amazing tattoo(s) late last night I went through a few emotions..

It started off with lurve, the second was a combination of confusion and feeling dumb because I felt like I was missing out on something obvious, and lastly reluctant acceptance that it they probably wasn’t weren’t a fusion between human anatomy and a creature from the deep*.

Clickthrough to see a back and side view (of a completely different tattoo by the same artist)..

By Grisha Maslov, Moscow, Russia.

* – Although I’m more than happy to be proved wrong!

55 thoughts on “Show Off Your Wet Bits.

  1. Is it just me, or does the click through seem like a totally different tattoo, and that the first looks like it’s on a girl, and the click through looks like a guy?

  2. Kat – That was one of the emotions I went through I didn’t bother mentioning, I think it’s just that in the clickthrough she has he pants ruffled up around her hips.

    Again though – I’m happy to be proved wrong.

  3. Roo, in the click through, the person definitely has hairy legs, which girls typically don’t have due to, well, grooming. I still think it’s 2 different people.

  4. Oh, Roo… you’re allowed 🙂

    I’m surprised I noticed the difference. I’ve been up all night studying for my surgical technology exams, and my brain is all over the place. No big deal. 🙂

  5. Even the patterns and shapes are different. More coffee Roo! hehe. I love them in a weird i’m-going-to-suck-the-life-out-of-you-sea-creature-from-the-deep-sort-of-way hehe. xox

  6. personally I think it’s two different people… because of the hips… and the tattooing on the lady like figure seems to wrap around her waste, the man like figure, no.

  7. Exactly, it has to be two different persons. Of different genders too for that matter.

    The first thing that went trough my mind, when I saw the first pic, was squid but im not to sure about it after studying it.

  8. I know that tattoo artist.
    I’m from Russia. Nearly all tattoo comunity know who is Grisha Maslov, because he’s really strange man. His tattoo-works are awful, he talks a lot of some craf everytime he opens his mouth and always thinks that everybody around him are stupid and they can’t understand his piece of art! IMHO, he is crazy, his work are sucks and his mind is collapsed long time ago! I have some dialogues with him… he is really out of brain.

    I can send you sope pics of his workspace at 2008 Moscow Tattoo Expo! It is dirty and not good for work at all! Shame!

    Btw, fact, most of Russian tattoo artists think as I do. All that upper this words is not only my opinion.

  9. It is a bird and it’s not eye… that’s what I’m talking about… it is unreadble picture that looks good only on paper… (toilet paprer)

  10. Isn’t it about being open to interpretation? Why does something have to be definitive and exact? It makes life a lot more varied and interesting that way.


  11. Well, good that here so many ppl can do their suggestions. That’s why I do like BME-comunity.

    Anyway, I’m proud that pictures from Russia here on BME more and more!)))

  12. And besides, I’d much rather be “crazy” and able to come up with imagery like that than completely sane but only able to draw rectangles (not that I have anything against rectangles) 🙂

  13. its all about free speech ….. it takes a lot more skill to do a peice like that than some dodgy flashwork backpeice …

    peter … most people on here keep negitive comments to themselves

    and i quote.

    “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends”

  14. Smurf666, thanx, but I’m just lost my words to describe his speeches and other stuff.

    freekyeyes, man, with Grisha we have some personal dislikes and also I don’t like him for his position against everybody else, and of course for his no clean workspaces. His style of working is making him dngerous to his customers…

    And last one, yes, I know that quote “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends”. I’m trying to be like this, but I can’t shut when I see such not good ppl posted here (that’s only about Grisha).

    In all other moments I like everything posted here.))


  15. Петр, не лЮбите Гришу,не любитЕ)не стоит настаивать на том какой он плохой, тут все таки не его личность обсуждают а татуировку.
    Я не фанат Гриши Маслова, и да, он странный человек, ну и что? Все все ровно такие какие есть)
    А татуировка необычна, это мы уже видели раблты Маслова, дай и остальным поохать) етм более тут есть на что посмотреть)

  16. um the pic says “different tattoo, same artist” so duh one is a female one is a man. read people read.

  17. Earlier it didn’t. There was a bit of confusion and debate until it was decided that it was two different pieces by the same artist. You missed the fun hehe.


  18. so roo which way does it go a a rectangle is a square but a square is not a rectangle or the other way around? don’t remember but too many people are being square.

  19. whoa loves!! esp the first picture.

    “… most people on here keep negitive comments to themselves” uhmm which modblog have YOU been reading??:p

  20. i think its pretty cool, it makes me want a octopus tattoo. gosh i love octopus’, i really want one for a pet but they dont keep too well in aquariums because they are excape artists. its like a amazing ocean fusion of shell pattern on her right leg, a octopus on her left & a cut through of a shell on her right, all fused together with muscle. so pretty.

  21. Well the first one (the girl one) reminds me of a squid namely the part of the tattoo on her leg. It’s certainly different and original looking

  22. I love how the lines (on the female) seem to elongate her body, almost like it’s being stretched.

  23. fucking awesome! although the other pics show it gets a bit more abstract(?), i really respect the dedication. some of it reminds my of strips of removed flesh showing of the muscle underneath!

  24. I think this tattoo is definately beautiful in its own way. It’s very unique and obviously open to much interpretation. I really like her body, it’s very slim and long, it’s like the best canvas and I think that maybe she would suit so many different kinds of tattoos. Her body definately displays this piece well.

  25. This is one of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve seen. I’m extremely picky when it comes to ink, and this is gorgeous. The only reason I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet is because I want a single piece that flows over my entire body, and she seems to have found a tattoo just like that. I’m really jealous. My imagine sucks when it comes to thinking of nice, original tattoos. Oh well, I’ll stick to piercings and stretching for the time being. :/

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