21 thoughts on “Knife Licking Beastie

  1. This is freaking awesome to me because there seems to be a resemblance to his significant other on top of an already cool tattoo.

    I wonder if he plays a lot of elektro or just so happens to like horror because the imagery reminds me of “Kiss the Blade” and “Feed Your Anger” by Combichrist.

  2. anametamystik! I was thinking the exact same thing!!

    I love this tattoo – although she kinda reminds me of my grade five teacher, so now I’m a bit scared.

  3. it was mine too =)

    i was looking for a gory picture to get tattooed on me for the longest time, and i was like.. wait! i know!

    haha. its funny it took me so long to think of it.

  4. hey I have seen that tattoo before, lol…you should come in soon and get the last lil session before I move to Reno sir

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