22 thoughts on “Easy Felix. I don’t think she’s armed!

  1. it’s pretty sick.. could’ve been cleaner though, the tape as the banner is clever though.

  2. Gorgeous.

    As I’m studying to be a fashion designer, I absolutely adore this. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your kind words people!
    My girlfriend just told me it was on here, and as you can imagine I’m pleased as punch :o)

  4. ha omg the first time woodys gets featured and its for this ?
    ive seen such amazing work come out of woodys im shocked this is the piece that made it.

  5. Woodys are awesome, and this is a very nice tattoo, and I kind of agree with what peace said, but I imagine that not many people submit work from Woodys in comparison to work submitted from studios in the USA. It’s just cool that another tattoo studio that I’ve heard of and that is near me has been featured. =]

  6. Yeah, Woody’s studio is one of the best studio’s in the S.E. England. I’ve seen some absolutely stunning work come out of that studio. I used to live in Watford, around the corner from High Wycombe but have now moved to the North West England. Sadly too far from Woody’s now 🙁

    Oh, and to all Americans, it’s pronounced ‘High Wi koom’, not ‘High Why com bee’ lol.

  7. it should be mentioned that its a barely changed piece of flash by t. kenney or whatever his name is from Hub City.

    just so you know.

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