So … This is New

Let me just take a second to go over how to navigate this crazy machine:

  • The newest feature story will be found in the Lead Story spot.
  • The three most recent feature stories (after the Lead Story) will be found in the three Feature spots directly below.
  • In the column next to Features, you’ll find … columns! Among these is the new ModBlog. From the main page, you can either click the entry to see the newest post in each category (ModBlog, Editorial, etc.), or you can click the category name to see all the posts from that category. You can also browse these categories — surprise, surprise — by clicking their links in the Browse Categories box on the right sidebar.

    Please note: Comments on Modblog are disabled to allow the entries to be migrated without the loss of new comments. Once the old entries are imported, the template will be updated to allow browsing of the “new” modblog in a similar format as the old one. You will not have to click through to each link.

  • Questions? Comments? Proclamations of hatred and distrust for anything and everything new? Post ‘em in the comments.

    134 thoughts on “So … This is New

    1. I don’t know if i like this. I like have modblog just as a stand alone blog off of bme. This kind of feels like i have to go digging for it or something.

    2. I agree with xharekx33… I liked going on modblog and scanning through stuff and seeing all the awesome pictures right off the bat. This way I have to click all the links n see what they’re about n go back n forth… it just seems a little tedious when compared to the old modblog layout.

    3. Yeah, modblog doesn’t really feel like a blog like this. I dont want to click through to every entry, unless im missing something?

    4. I like the new look but Modblog loses its appeal without pictures on the front page. Also, one of my favorite features was “recent comments”. Did it disappear or am I just not seeing it?

    5. This is awful …. If only Shannon could see how you have fiddled his baby… It’s crap. Old modblog was perfect … All the info you needed and some pretty nice pics … Well that was untill it was raped by the corporate money-grabbing-bandwagon which has ruined BME…

      You say you listen to people … That’s bullshit … Most people who actually like modblog how it was dont want arty photos of scrawny emo kids with lip piercings that have been touched up on photoshop …. its MODBLOG kids not MYSPACE …

      You say change is good … Yes some times it is …. In this case ….You’re wrong… You only listen to those who beg to get on modblog … Not the fans of it, the people who regularly log on to see the newest most inspiring content on the web..

      iIfeel i speak for a lot of people who loved old modblog and who said that as soon as Shannon (and you can check the comments if you do not believe me ) that the whole of BME would be ruined after he’s gone….

      Think about it …
      Oh, and at least let people vent their anger on the old site and not disable the comments on the final post !!!

      R.I.P MODBLOG……

    6. Ugh, I hate it. I loved getting a hit of ModBlog twice a week or so, seeing all the lovely new pictures that appeared since my last visit. Now I have to click to see the picture that each blog entry is ABOUT?

    7. ooph.. scary! But I thought that about facebook when I first joined. A change is as good as a rest as my dear late grandmother used to say and she was full of wise words.

    8. I really don’t see why this move was necessary. ModBlog was just fine the way it was and now I have to change my feeds and…UGH! This is a bit frustrating. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it seems totally unnecessary and will cause a shit-ton of broken links.

    9. God. Damn. It. This is the final step to pushing me away from the site. All of the unnecessary “changes” are complete utter bullshit. If what youre looking for is money, youre going to get it because youre losing the actual people interested and active in the scene and turning this shit into a “who’s cooler” site. Its ridiculous. Put shit back how it was, when it worked well, until then I’m gone. Id rather read Shannons personal blog- its more interesting then this dump

      epic failz on the internets

    10. Was this necessary at all? I know you guys are trying to make everything shiny and new, but if it isn’t broken, DON’T FIX IT. You can make the layout of modblog match the new style without completely changing it and taking away all the decent features (recent comments, picture previews, etc). Being forced to click on every entry is ridiculous when it was simpler and nicer looking before.

    11. Keep your comments rolling in! They’re being noted. The templates will be smoothed out over the next couple of days and once the migration is complete, modblog will be able to be read in a similar manner to the “old” one.

      Rob: I’ll go back to money-grubbing after I finish replying to your comments. The photoshop filters used on modblog are the exact same as they have been for years. The photos are still handpicked by Phil as they have been for years. Modblog is free as it has been.. wait for it.. for years. I’d venture to say that BME is the largest advertisement free resource that you can find online. BME galleries have ads for BMEshop and the only ads on modblog were for our own events or tattoo conventions that BME will be present on.

      And now back to to the corporate money-grubbing-bandwagon (huh?!) that we rode in on..

    12. Okay, let me try to make this very very clear.

      COMMENTS are turned off on to allow the entries AND COMMENTS to be MIGRATED to the new site. Since this is a new site, “first moderated” has been selected, as it always has been, so you need one approved comment before you can comment freely.

      The modblog category will display differently once we get all of the entries migrated over and can change the template. I hear you guys. It will be changed.

    13. Please Put It Back :(
      1. Its Confusing
      2. Its Ugly
      3. You Have To Click Through To See Everything
      4. It Sucks, Just Generally

    14. Oh no, BME is ruined! Or wait, it’s being made more functional and interactive with more content? Heavens no! I wonder how many people actually read the post before commenting? The move is still in progress, patience my darlings, patience. All will be well and right again soon.

    15. Oh and my 2 cents, I like the newspaper look, it’s cool. I’d pretend to be offended at not being a contributor despite my degree in English/creative writing except I have nothing interesting to say. ;)

      I think the look is really clean and easy on the eyes. Any time there’s been a change to the look of any part of BME people have panicked and then they ultimately come around to realizing the sky wasn’t falling after all. Change is scary but it’s also necessary! I’m looking forward to seeing more content on here.

    16. WAAAA!! (Insert whining sounds here)….What have you done to my beloved ModBlog?!?! I don’t mind change, but I need that old instant gratification here folks. I like the old format, pretty pictures then click if you want to see more….You want to me work to get to stuff I may or may not be interested in? This is my relaxation time…unwind…look at modblog….sniffle…

    17. Ok. So I explored a little more. I’m less confused. I think this could be a lot better than the old setup, or it could be worse. Either way it will take a little getting used to and constructive feedback for the best expereince.

      Here is my feedback on what I’ve seen so far. The only thing I don’t like about it that I’ve noticed currently is that in the modblog section you have to click through to see the images. I would prefer if it was like the old way, and like most other blogs where you have the heading, the picture, the description, and sometimes more pictures and description after the break. I beleive this would be an improvement over just a heading and description, then the picture being after the break. After reading a good deal of comments I realize this would also make most the unhappy happy once again.

      Peace, Bunson

    18. One more time:

      Please note: Comments on Modblog are disabled to allow the entries to be migrated without the loss of new comments. Once the old entries are imported, the template will be updated to allow browsing of the “new” modblog in a similar format as the old one. You will not have to click through to each link.

    19. Another thing I have noticed that would be nice to have, however isn’t very crucial at all. I am using Firefox, I use the bookmark sidebar, next to each website I have posted in it is a little image. This image is the same image that can be seen up on the URL bar just to the left of the URL. Most websites have one, it adds a little bit of personality to the website. However the new website does not yet have one, and the default image for the bookmark drives me up the wall, I don’t even bookmark a site unless it has it’s own image. I suppose I’m a little OC over it. However I would like to see one soon on this site.

      Peace, Jordan

      P.S. On the ModBlog site it was a little black square filled with white text saying MOD and red text saying BLOG, just in case you didn’t understand what I was talking about. I may not have been clear enough.

    20. ok, i’ve been quielty looking at mod blog for about three years, just never got involved in the community, first post as well which says something. The old one was fine!! Had my rss feeds set up and everything, now i’m just confused and upset, not what i want to ocme to after a night out at all! Old bog, one click, next post, wonderfull. Bah i’m from Yorkshire and i don’t like change.

    21. The new format is pretty bland and uninteresting as compared to the previous one. The fact that the entries don’t even have preview pictures make me less likely to bother reading the entries since there’s nothing to really peak one’s interest now.

    22. Why does clicking on the [very small, out of the way] Modblog link send me straight to the comment page of the most recent entry? Then I have to click on the “category” link to get to the main Modblog page.

    23. >once the migration is complete, modblog will be able to be read in a similar manner to the “old” one.

      That’s all I really wanted to hear. I use an RSS feed on my google homepage to check for new content/updates; and I, like others, also just found the simple blog-style of sorting easy to navigate.
      I don’t really ‘mind’ the newspaper-site layout, but it is sort of imposing.

      I think the comment text size should either be increased or the layout to use less white. It’s kind of hard to see and it hurts my eyes.

    24. Triple post FTW, but I figured out the link thing. I still don’t like it, but at least I understand it.

    25. For those of you wondering about feeds. There are a ton of feeds generated by wordpress, one for every category, tag, and author. These links typically aren’t shown on most sites, but I will have a short list of them on the side bar soon.

      General Feed (everything):

      Modblog Feed:

      BME Girls Feed:

      Jordan’s Feed:

      Adding ‘feed’ to the end of most urls will give you a feed for those posts.

      You can even have a feed for your favorite search strings..

    26. Bleh. I liked it just fine the way it was, it wasn’t all clicky links everywhere. Why did it have to change?

    27. Dear People,

      If you cannot navigate this and you simply find yourself getting confused at the very thought, I have one idea you could potentially try.


      God gave you it for a reason, to process information at an alarmingly fast rate.

      Personally I think even a Mentally Challenged Chimp could easily navigate this new “upgrayedd” with the greatest of ease…How so many of you can’t, it just baffles me to the outer reaches of space.

      Maybe its just that its “the change” that is causing everyone to go: “OMG WTF?!?!” and the retardnets masses just don’t accept change well. *shrugs*

      I’m sure it still has some smoothing out, but this is LEAPS AND BOUNDS more organized and tightly put together and not some random scatterings of hodge-podge.

      This site is NOWHERE near MySpace, Facebook, and it most certainly isn’t the outdated circa 1998 website it USED to be…Just like as we get older, sometimes we just need a face-lift and this is a DESPERATELY needed face-lift!

      Rachel and the rest of the BME Staff involved, GOOD JOB! :D

    28. Rachel…

      ad free? bullshit, whats this all about then?”Ads & Sponsors
      If you’d like to advertise with BME, please contact us at [email protected]. ”

      ugh i hope this website gets its act together pretty soon, the other layout wasn’t perfect but this is just too complicated for any new user to work out,
      good luck re-inventing the wheel, (it worked fine btw…)

    29. Mariess: actually with “new users” it should be easier to navigate as they have not had to deal with the hodge-podge frankenstein stuff prior.

    30. Warren, are you a bme employee? Is your rude and sarcastic tone really necessary? Do you think that will encourage readers to stay or hurry their departure? ‘Cause to me it reads as very condescending and doesn’t reflect well upon bme in general, especially when people are feeling upset about the huge changes they’ve been forced to swallow for the past 10 months. Maybe being nice, kind, thoughtful and friendly would be better. Just a suggestion!

    31. RTFA. Some petulant people here are too defensive. Seriously- just man up.
      Personally I’m a fan. Will the rest of the site (tattoo/piercing pages etc) eventually be updated to fit in with the new look as well? Can’t wait till the transition’s over, nice work!

    32. Dude, you realize that this…isn’t a blog, right? Like at all? Which is fine, whatever, you don’t want to have a blog anymore, that’s cool. But don’t say ModBlog has “moved” when you mean “deleted”.

    33. Can we have modblog for paying members?

      To be quite honest I just dont like the layout of the news site, i dont get to scroll through like i did on modblog and look at everything at once, its all broken up into links which wastes a lot of time :(

    34. I’m jumping on the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ train here; it’s wonderful and silly and a bit crap at times but it’s insanely loveable all the same, the whole slick new format thing just doesn’t suit it

      The layout’s pretty but it’d be much better suited for the main site (partially just to stop my constant struggle between whether it’s just blue or slightly purple) modblog’s perfect how it is

    35. I’m jumping on the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ train here; it’s wonderful and silly and a bit crap at times but it’s loveable all the same, the whole slick new format thing just doesn’t suit it

      The layout’s pretty but it’d be much better suited for the main site (partially just to stop my constant struggle between whether it’s just blue or slightly purple) modblog’s perfect how it is

    36. Maybe I’m confused, how is this different?

      I don’t really see a difference other than a slight change in appearance. I’m truly asking here, because I don’t see what the problem/difference is? I know any time BME has changed its look people have freaked out but this certainly isn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last. Everything evolves otherwise it gets stale. But if someone could point out how the link above is different, I’d be interested to hear it. I feel like I’m missing something.

    37. Jen – most people didnt see the “archive”

      The main link from the news site doesnt make the archive a main link and on top of that you can only see it via “month” .

      The archive is not the same as a live feed because it is exactly what it states “Archived”

      So thats how its different :)

    38. I don’t think it’s that bad. Hell, if you’re on BME and click the ModBlog link, it takes you right to ModBlog – no searching required. Funny how people freak out over little things…

    39. The new layout looks awesome, and i can’t wait for the adult content to roll out…

      and by adult i mean, “mature”… It will be good to read actual well thought out articles, and interviews…

      But i will beg you to please leave the gratuitous nudity…

    40. Tom – Nope, don’t get how it’s different, I’m viewing it the same way I always have. The articles are there, you click a link to get to the rest and if I scroll to the bottom of the page it says “older entries” and I can scroll back that way, I don’t have to view it by month in order to view everything. I’m not seeing what you’re describing, I guess. I think the “older entries” link might have been on the right hand side rather than the left before but otherwise, I’m viewing it exactly the same.

      I don’t know, I’m not purposely trying to be dense, but it’s exactly the same as it was before, for me, it just has a different layout. And, as someone else mentioned it’s still linked off the main page which is how I normally got to ModBlog anyway. If people read it regularly then all it takes is a bookmark and you never need search again! I don’t have it as an RSS feed so I don’t know if that’s coming through differently or not.

    41. I really don’t like the new layout, for some reason it seems a whole lot less personable.
      also, “news.bmezine” sounds so much lamer than modblog. like If I’m talking to my friends and I’m like “oh hey, have you seen the latest entry on modblog? it’s awesome” doesn’t nearly sound as cool if I say “check out news.bmezine!”

      like I dunno, I don’t MIND the change so much, even though I have some getting used to…I think you could of at least kept the name. plus the ONE thing that I thought needed a change didn’t get one. the color scheme! come on people. white gray and red? really? I think for such a warm and inviting community we could’ve used some less cold and harsh colors.

      just my opinion.

    42. Jenny: Am I a BME Employee? Nope, the most ties I have is I am a QOD Staff member thats it.

      Forced to swallow? Nobody is “forced to swallow” anything…I am a LONG-TIME BME/IAM member who is FINALLY glad to see fundamental changes being made to a very outdated site. How could BME/IAM members not have been SCREAMING for the fundamental updates to the site, is out of my grasp.

      And personally my “sarcastic and condensending” comments are no different then people bitching and whining about BME finally having these updates being made. If you can’t take what you dish out, then think before you type…

      Rachel and the rest of BME Staff work VERY hard to make sure this site is updated as well upgraded with current standard trends/times….Personally I find it VERY refreshing when someone makes a suggestion towards updating the site (whatever it may be), that it will ACTUALLY get done nowadays.

      So personally is it “sarcastic and condensending” to point out that a lot of the complaints aren’t warrented…Functionality, this new upgrade is REALLY user-friendly…And my personal opinion is people are simply bitching because they have nothing better to do with their lives.,

      If you can’t see something on the page, open your eyes as everything is visually put there for you to find…Sure it might take time for some to adust to the altered change, but really it should not take more then a couple minutes of clicking through the site t get yourself familiar with it.

      But again that’s just MY personal experience with this new addition to BME But when you’ve seen literally the same old site since 2000-2001, change is refreshing, change is good.

    43. Hooray for automatic re-directing to the new location! If that is a forever feature, I will be just fine.

    44. pending: i agree. the automatic re-direction is totally badass and makes things LOTS easier.

      I likes…is very niiiice!

    45. I’m actually really liking it. I personally prefer the new layout and how organised it’s looking – I’m looking forward to the new content. Good job.

    46. Any reason why the features and columns from past years only date back to 2005? Is there a place where you have put older archives? I can understand why they don’t need to be in the same section as newer material, but I think they need to stay on the site.

    47. Hmm…
      I don’t like unnecessary change. This could’ve grown on me, though, if only I hadn’t noticed that the nice large images at the top of the page (where BME NEWS is now) had gone and been replaced by the logo and some text. I liked that variety every day. And it used to be more colourful.
      Now it’s uniform. Isn’t that exactly what BME is not? I mean, the new layout makes this blog look like a businessman’s suit.

      And I wasn’t here to see the clickable entries, so that hasn’t bothered me, but…why?
      Fair enough you’re making it “easier to use” or something like that…But I never heard anybody complain about how difficult this site was to use before…? The regular readers, as far as I can tell, were happy with the way BME used to be.

      So, why the change, if there was nothing wrong with the old site?

    48. I think the overall ‘newspaper front page’ design is a neat idea. I’m not personally a fan of black type in grey boxes on a white background, which may look “classic” but I think is unpleasant to read in large quantities – and it could usefully be counterbalanced by more graphic content.

      So I’d suggest favicon-type additions to make the menu bar at the top more distinctive, and perhaps some “random” icon links to make the bank right-hand margin more visually appealing?

    49. I Liked The Old ModBlog Better :(
      The Pictures At The Top Of The Old One Were Always Really Cool
      Change It Back! Change It Back! :(

    50. I like the way this looks. Compliments are in place.

      To all the people complaining:
      If things never changed we wouldn’t be having computers to enjoy BME in the first place…
      There’s always place for improvement, especially when a system is entirely new.

    51. Hahah! Go Warren, go!

      I like the new design, especially the easy access to both the blog of photos and articles. To be honest, I kind of forgot BME still published articles. One thing I’m not clear on (and this is probably nothing more than my stupidity, but…), will clicking the “ModBlog” link on the front page direct me to an archive of modblog or still fully functional modblog? It looks like it’s a fully functional modblog, but I’d just like to be clear on that.

      Someone mentioned favicons, I think that’d be a great idea. Also, shouldn’t the bmenews banner at the top be a link to redirect to the home page? I know there’s a home button, but I keep trying to click the banner.

      Also (and sorry for this nitpickery), it would be nice to only have the opening paragraph or two of the articles on the feature section displayed in the general archive. To make browsing quicker and easier. Right now, with entire articles being posted, if it’s along article, everything seems to run together.

      Grey on white looks fine to me…


    52. liking the newspaper like effect/layout. very clean.

      change is good. otherwise you’d all still be pissing in the same water you drink. (or, to put it less drastically, you all wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom of complaining about the hard work other people invest in this for you to enjoy for free)

    53. I like it, but would be very appreciative if someone could add the “previous” and “next” links to the WordPress template when browsing individual posts as this was my preferred method of navigation.

      Many thanks xx

    54. The Modblog format doesn’t really seem to be as different as many people are making it out to be – it looks pretty much the same. Though I agree the colors (gray and white) are a little drab.

      As far as the new BME News as a whole – I’m not sure I’m seeing the difference between the current Ask BME feature and the David Vidra column. Nor is the difference between a Lead Story and a Feature, or and Editorial something from the News and Announcements category really apparent yet. I also wish there were a way to view just the title and a small blurb of *all* the Lead Stories and Features (similar to the old BME news archive of columns from the main site) instead of being forced to scroll through upwards of 3,500 words to get to the next article, like you currently have to, if you click to browse all in a category.

      Aside from that, the fact that there are header links on the news.bmezine page duplicating almost all of the links on the main page (you can get to iam, all the photos and experiences, BME Hard/Extreme, the wiki, etc) makes me wonder if there are not plans to eventually replace the current format with something derived from this new new.bmezine format. The only main things I really see missing are a link to BMEShop (which isn’t open at the moment anyway), a link to send submissions or purchase a membership, and a link to the events page for non-iam members. Sure a few other links are missing, such as links to the warning page, about page, site map, leaderboard, FAQ, and links to other sites, etc. – but none of those are really primary/recently updated content of BME, or they are already embedded in some other part of the site, such as the wiki.

    55. I like it. I am a lot tired of all the premadonas bitching . If you are so dissatisfied with everything, you do all the work and build your owne site. if you don’t want to do all the work that people like rachel and roo are doing you have no right to bitch and whine. I am greatfull for all the work they do. I would not know any of them if they was standing beside of me but because of all of their work i know a hell of alot more about body mod than i used to. ( some of the things i wish i did not know ) Keep Up The Good Work!!!!

    56. Hm, I do like the way it looks… but functionality might take a little bit of adjustment…
      I’m up for giving the change a go though….

    57. KittyBeth: I somewhat agree with the confusion between: AskBME and the David Vidra section. Although I think perhaps it has to do with how the wording has been put in place as to what Vidra will tap on.

      I think BME having Mama Vidra available to answer more in depth medical questions is a HUGE perk for the masses…As it would also help reduce the amount of potential mis-diagnosing that’s currently going on: “Keloids” vs. “Hypertrophic Scarring” vs “Boil/Furuncles”,etc. With David Vidra available to answer MEDICAL questions, is a huge perk.

      Personally I also think what better person to perhaps have periodical interviews on subjects (ie: gloves, sterilization, wound care, aseptic technique,etc) every so often. I know personally I could sit for weeks listening to that man talk, so I’d be able to read, for months if not years, articles/interviews on these subjects by Vidra.

      But yeah I think the medical stuff should be dishes to him, while the basic hum-drum every day piercing related questions could be diverted to AskBME. That way we don’t flood Vidra with redundant every day questions. Cuz we gotta remember David Vidra is a VERY busy man trying to make sure all us piercers are educated as well as the many other things he does on a daily basis.

    58. ps: Possible Upgrade/Update idea…

      The galleries really need to be re-named/updated with current trends,etc. Same with the Submission Uploaders on IAM. That way there’s no more: “MIsc” this or “Misc” that.

      I think that’d make the submissions easier for processing as well, that way there’s no “rogue” image files that need to be re-assigned to certain categories,etc.

      Oh wait, but by doing that, it’d point out there was something flawed in the old site and that it wasn’t perfect.

      OH NOES!!!!!! Hell haz frozn ovRz!

    59. ps: dear Cami….we all wear uniforms wether we admit it or not.

      We wear the uniform of being “Modified”

      We wear the uniform of being “Coprorate”

      We wear the uniform of being “Homeless”

      The word “Uniform” is just another way for humans to “label” each other….You are what you wear afterall

      Just a quote from a very spot on movie script,etc:

      “I could do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it.

      That was the final irony, I think.

      That and, well, this.

      And fuck you if you’re already thinking it.

      When all was said and done…

      I was nothing more than a goddamn trendy-ass poser.”

    60. Im not a huge fan, first the bmeink now being restricted, with adds to less then it was before this whole fiasco (and by that I mean the legal battle) i agree with previous comments about money grabbing, and cencorship of comments and honostly was all that clicking worth it just to get here to attempt to read a box that i can hardly read and looks like news paper clippings, honostly that might do it for some people but modblog to me isnt a sit down with my coffee and read a news paper, so why try it? I dont like it. I think if many people saw this they wouldnt like it either and as for the public being involved, where was the poll? the questions the anything. thanks but no thanks, mod blog and bme are dead
      aka smash

    61. Well that put the final nail in the coffin.
      No more Modblog as a homepage for me :)

      To be honest I thought I could trust Roo to put up good content… but I was oh so very wrong.

      Goodbye ModSpace

    62. Yeah fair enough, but we’re talking about a website.

      I just think it was more cheery when ModBlog was colourful. That really is it.
      Apart from the colour scheme and ever so slight layout change, I haven’t noticed anything particularly different.

      For example, I go on Facebook, Myspace, and ModBlog every day. ModBlog was always the most interesting. And now it just looks the same.

      I miss the cheeriness of the colour scheme and the banner at the top of the page.

    63. This is just confusing and hard to navigate. I like the old modblog.
      This feels just not right, too much work to navigate.
      I guess this is the end? If so.
      I had a good time over the years with you all.

    64. So what you’re saying is…you miss the red. how you found that cherry is beyond me as its scientifically proven that when you constantly stare at red, or are in a completely red room…you become rather aggitated/irritated,etc.

      As for the top page banner, is that really it? you missed the rotating banner of various modification work and the words: “ModBlog”

      A website is also just that a website, plain and simple and websites go through VARIOUS changes constantly, so why should Modblog,etc not be morphed into what we’re seeing right now?

      and honestly I don’t get how you can say “it looks the same”…The content is STILL there, nothing has changed on that front…Modblog is still functioning as it should, by posting everything Body Modification related.

      A rose by any other name, is still a rose.

      And what people need to remember is this was JUST implemented, give it time. Instead of raising your pitchforks and torches in anger, why not just get yourself adjusted to the new layout and perhaps realize this is just the beginning in terms of layouts and that the layout design/scheme could very well change at a later date.

      I mean find me a website that is as popular as that HASN’T gone through fundamental changes? Hell even the website has gone through fundamental site upgrades over the years. Why should’s website which, as its been stated countless times before, is rittled with bugs and flaws, NOT go through an site upgrade?

      As a former website quality assurance handler I find the new changes mean the site will be easier to navigate, more streamlined and and less buggy. This makes for an overall BETTER website experience for us the average site visitor.

      Patience is a virtue guys….Just give this new site upgrade a chance, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

    65. I find the same thing happens to me whenever a site I love is updated. I hate it at first, miss the old one terribly, but after a few days I get used to it and love the site for what it is again. Ultimately, I don’t think the presentation matters as much as the information and the message.

    66. What the fuck

      The headline banner is crap

      Why the hell did you get rid of the picture banners that were a joy to see everytime the page loaded, with the crisp modern sans serif red label?

      Now it looks like a shitty american newspaper, with the logo slapped on crudely.

      This is rubbish change for changes sake

    67. :( but but but…

      sometimes things need change but not modblog! i want to e able to scroll down and see the beautiful images but now its so tedious i know im being lazy but shit! and i agree with Mack (91) i miss the amazing banners it was such a nice little touch :(

      i dont know. its aesthetically pleasing its just not… right. its awkward and jumpy.

    68. Wait, I don’t get what’s so different and difficult to navigate. Are people just stupid or is there something I’m missing by just going to and getting the exact same content? I admit, it would be nice to have a little more commentary with the pictures, but that’s the only thing I’ve noticed lately — that there are tons of pictures! What’s all this crap about not being able to look at pictures?

    69. how do we submit photos from now on? i could just be missing the obvious..

    70. katy prost: [email protected]

      you can do so by going to which has ALWAYS been the way to go around submitting if you’re not an paying member, where there is an image uploading section.

      As Narcissus said modblog is STILL alive and kicking, its the exact same content it’s been…It’s not abundantly clear that the ONLY reason people are bitching and complaining, is because the top rotating banner display of ModBlog and whatever image its slapped onto, is gone. OMG guys the world is crashing down around us!

      Really guys if THAT’S all you’re going to complain about, stop grasping at straws and waste so many kb’s going off like a piping hot steam kettle ranting and raving about the no rotating image banner. As its a pointless and trivial argument to make.

      how is it tedious viewing modblog? you click on the text that says: “Modblog” or you could also simply BOOKMARK the modblog website and presto its just a click away.

      You know…All this time everyone is spent bitching and moaning over the changes, could very well be time used for these people to roam this section and get accustom to it and used to it.

      Narcissus: Greg you and I both know that Idiocracy is NOT a fictional movie. The reality is we’ve developed the ability to travel ahead in time and researchers have sadly found that Idiocracy is to be out fate…I mean really just look at the statements being made and tell me the human race is not getting dumber and dumber by the second.

    71. Look


      The whole point of a website is aesthetics of the human body, modified

      It’s only fitting that we get the rotating image banner back to headline that

      Stop trying to undercut the valid arguement for what is, really, a damn pleasing sight on modblog or “BME NEWS” with mockery. You haven’t actaully presented any counter arguement whatsoever

      Also, Warren, Idiocracy IS A WORK OF FICTION. it is set 500 years in the future. As far as we know, the future is still vary variable, and not affected in any major way by B movies from 500 years previously, regardless of any sarcastic comments you have about time travel.

      If you really cared about maintaining some kind of semblance of intelligent debate as opposed to insults and mockery, you wouldn’t be referencing that movie, and you’d attack/refute the main point of the Leave Modblog How It Was arguement instead of attacking it’s protagonists.

      For all your protests “it’s only a website” goddamn, it’s a website that’s central to the entire mod community, and you have to be very, VERY careful with it if you don’t want to raise peoples ire. It would be pointless and trivial – If the aesthetics of this website weren’t so representative of the people on it.

      I became interested in bodymod through modblog, because the images at the top caught my eye and I thought the modfications looked very beautiful. And now, it’s become, utterly, utterly bland.

      Seriously guys. Think harder before getting shouty

    72. Dangit, I liked the rotating banner, too, but it’s not all that hard to say “Aww, I liked the old banner. Any chance that could be integrated into the new layout?” Getting mad about a site’s design doesn’t do any good — especially if the design doesn’t impede your viewing in any way.

      I didn’t mean to be shouty. I was actually puzzled by the resistance to the new layout. It’s a little blah, but I never really pay attention to anything but the posts, and it’s just as functional as it used to be. It’d be nice if everyone thought harder before getting shouty, though. It’s true that “it’s only a website,” which means that it’s not going to be the end of the world if it goes through a cosmetic change. The content is still there and being reasonable with feedback is more likely to reach people. People with the power over banners, even.

    73. What happened to the categories on the right such as BmeBoys/Girls, Tribal, Scarification etc.. Am I just blind or have they been removed completely?

    74. Jade I do agree that I miss the various quick search links.

      However you can at this moment in time either search via date (July 2008,etc) or at the top right you can simply do a search for BME Boys/BME Girls, Scarification,etc,etc,etc.

    75. i like the update, its finally good to see that someones pushing the BME boat further and not stuck in the same old mindset of if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

      im sure im not the only one that stopped looking on here as it never developed and grew bored with the site,

      good work guys, i might even restart my iam account.

    76. I don’t like this new set up. Too much is being mashed into one website, and I believe it takes away from the individuality of each feature – Modblog in particular. Now, rather than being its own separate blog, it is part of a news site, just another feature that sort of blends in with all the others. As a separate blog, it commands more attention and lets you focus on one feature.

      Why transfer Modblog into another site and make it a secondary feature, when it was already useful (as its own site) for posting news and announcements? To me, there are (or were) many fewer significant news-worthy posts than there are Modblog-worthy images and stories, so Modblog should be the main site.

      Also, and this is just a nitpicky detail, I don’t like the layout. It’s a blog, not another part of a newspaper. I liked having all the image galleries out to the right side, along with all the other links. BME just doesn’t feel like a community project right now. It’s community-fueled, but the decisions don’t seem to be in favor of those who faithfully contribute.

    77. Also, perhaps I’ve missed something, but I don’t see a link to an archive of old pages, or a number list at the bottom to get to them. I like to scroll through the old ones sometimes, and it’s a pain to have to click “Older Entries” say, twenty five or fifty times in a row.

    78. Warren – We’re not using categories for ModBlog anymore (apart from the parent ModBlog category of course), we’re using tags instead. If you look below a post and see Body Modification or Funny for example, clicking on those will take you to all posts tagged as such, all the posts on ModBlog are tagged so there’s plenty to see!

      Tranque – The archive is calendar based at the moment (and may well remain that way but don’t quote me on that). Look at the top right of ModBlog and you’ll see a drop down menu which lists the older posts by month. ModBlog was never intended to be separate from – They both go hand in hand, and compliment each other.

    79. I would very much like to see the old collection of banners put up as a downloadable .zip or .rar. Does anyone have them saved?

    80. Why are people getting so obsessive over those old banners? The pictures were nice, obviously, but they were just pics from elsewhere on the site which I’m sure you could find again with a little effort… and there is plenty of new content on the BLOG ITSELF every day, right?!

      As people have said, this is a website that pretty much represents a community, and an industry, and if we want to be taken seriously by the ‘rest of the world’ why shouldn’t we have a modern and professional looking website? I have always loved the content of BME and Modblog but the layout and design has been outdated for a very long time now.

      So keep up the good work bringing us up to speed, guys :) I have been tossing up for a while whether to join IAM and now I think I shall!

    81. Roo seems like a decent guy, but this websites gone to shit. I used to enjoy the entries and look forward to updates, but not anymore. The new site layout doesn’t thrill me, but it wouldn’t bother me so much if the content wasn’t crap. This site has turned into a myspace spin off. Hope you bring back the good content. Good luck

    82. I just had to as well: I think it must be a new requirement, as I’ve been able to post comments on here before?

    83. I miss my categories, why can’t I look at all the ‘guess what’s’ or ‘erotic’ articles anymore?
      Please put categories back in, that is really the only thing I dislike so far.

    84. Put it back!!! It’s not funny :/ The new modblog is useless :/ Stupid and difficult… :/

    85. whoa…i was away for a few weeks…it looks pretty, but the font is so tiny it hurts my eyes (yes, i fixed the size for my monitor)…i did read through the comments, but i thought it was just me that was lost…not complaining….just trying to navigate…um…and the gray font color is hard on the eyes…again, thought it was just me…i know you are all trying , though…


    86. I miss the old modblog.

      The design and simplicity made it one of the (if not THE) best tattoo and mod sites on the net.
      This new layout is garbage, I’m sorry to say. I’m really disappointed. I’m not drawn to this site anymore.

      I used to be a daily reader. Shit, I used to check every few hours for updates.

      Not anymore.

    87. I understand you guys wanna put your mark on this site and yeah change is good sometimes but on this occasion I think its’s back to the drawing board sorry.

    88. Sigh.

      I guess the people who liked Modblog just the way it was aesthetically will just lose.

      I can’t be bothered to argue with Warren anymore, it seems I’m not allowed to have an opinion that states that I liked the site the way it looked before?
      There could be some kind of vote, where it says:
      Do you prefer the old site or the new site?

      I think that would help get a better idea of which is preferred.

      And for the record, I hate it when Myspace changes. It’s always going to have glitches, no matter how much they change the way it looks. As far as I can tell, ModBlog never has ridiculous glitches that last for days…
      Why can’t there be a bit of a democracy either? Why was there no post saying “Vote for whether or not you would like a change to the site’s layout and appearance?” with a simulation of what it could be changed to.

      I just don’t like it.
      There’s no colour and it’s dull!
      And I miss the quick links to categories, and really, who would go out of their way to search for old banners? What was the point in removing something attractive that was different every day from the top of the page and replacing it with a never changing, always fairly dull banner?

      I can’t be fucked with complaining any more.
      Clearly the readers can’t do anything about this. It’s stuck. Never mind the fact that so many of us don’t like it.
      And I would send a message with suggestions, but I imagine nothing would really be done. Which is a damn shame.

    89. My first reaction to the new layout and navi setup for modblog was just like everyone else.
      I wasn’t feeling it. I liked the older layout… you come to the site and the 1st thing that catches your eye is the banner.
      Its nice and colorful and inspiring.. then followed by lots of pictures of all the members and there mods. Now it looks like we have to navigate through the whole site in order to get the pictures we love. im not saying change is bad but in this case it hasnt been for the better.. I want my old modblog back =[

    90. no i changed my mind. i like it.

      i just hate change :)

      but i reallly miss the menu down the right hand side that listed art, culture, microdermals, nipples, suspensions, play piercing, navels, etc etc etc

    91. If tags will be the main sorting tool for Modblog, might I suggest at least having a tag cloud on the right nav column? And perhaps individual rss feed to the more used tags?

      -also I think a simple color choice selector at the header. Choose from a small set of color schemes and header bars.

      I guess that’s all I can think of for now.

    92. I really like the new clean look, but there are some things that will need some time getting used too, like the calender and the lack of categories. nonetheless, I don’t think it’s worth making such drama over.

      I do hope, when everything is up and running again, the number of posts per month will increase (or is it just me?)

      But let’s just all be patient too see what the guys are going to make of it!

    93. katy prost :” is bmeshop only open to iam members now??”

      I need to know! What happened to bmeshop!?
      I really need to buy stuff from you money-grubbing-bastards:)

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