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Jordan Ginsberg is the former managing editor and head writer for BME.

Mind The Gap

Hoo boy that’s grisly, but fitting for this, the Halloween season, no? Shane checks in from scenic Columbus, Georgia, to show off this new Columbia Necktie tattoo by Matthew Wertjes at Superior Skin Art. The tongue is a nice touch, too—the tongue in the tattoo, that is, not the split tongue, although we’re sure that has a nice touch too…ladies.

More angles after the jump, including a painful-looking procedural shot.

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True Relaxation

It’s not uncommon to see works of fine art adapted into tattoos—sometimes with varying degrees of success. This, however, is one of the first attempts we’ve seen at a scarification adaptation—based on a Klimt piece—and, honestly, we’re thrilled with what Christiane (at Pinpoint Piercing in Oslo, Norway) has done here. Excellent choice of a painting to adapt to the medium and wonderfully executed—lovely, lovely work.

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The Final Mystery

As is the case sometimes, these photos were submitted without a name, but, as is also the case sometimes, they were just too good to sit on until claimed. Because really, what better way to kick off your lunch hour than with this handsome (albeit anonymous) devil? Zero-gauge nostrils, 7/16-inch flats and 2.5-inch lobes, all looking healthy as can be, all attached to this virile young specimen? If that isn’t a Halloween miracle, we don’t know what is. More after the jump.

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Good Morning, ModBlog!

We hate to be Debbie Downer here, but we have to say, as much as we love these underwater photos of Milk (sent in by Spring, we’re just not convinced of the efficacy of that thickness of rope as any sort of flotation device. We mean, it looks wonderful, and we’re certainly excited by the news that Midori is now ostensibly offering swimming lessons, but safety first, alright? At any rate, feel free to click through to remove that conveniently placed starfish, and hey! There’s even more after the jump.

It’s Friday, ModBloggers—and it’s a big one.

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Don’t Masquerade

The last time we saw Cole up there, he was showing off that handsome chest piece, and understandably so! This time around, however, his clothes have tragically disappeared somehow, though this calamity at least allows us a convenient vantage point of the cephalopodic addition to his side by Jay at Trigger Happy in Vancouver, British Columbia. After the jump, we get a better look at a few things that are mildly obscured in the above photo.

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Forgo the Nightcap

It was only a matter of time before every possible finger-related tattoo joke was used, and we don’t think we were alone in wondering what the next inky humor accessory would be. And now? Here is your answer, probably, featuring flash by Derik Snell for a tattoo by Adam at Hand of Glory in Brooklyn, New York. Oh and hey, just in time for old Halloween! Sweet serendipity, right?

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At The Max

Oh, hello! Slightly irregular ear project operative “Marcellus” checks in from Carmarthen, UK, with this slightly irregular ear project by Mike Davies at Nobbys Tattoo Parlour. Sure, transverse lobes may just wash up on the beach these days, but we thought stretching it to 8 mm. was a unique touch we don’t see too often. Also, in the attached e-mail, the industrial is referred to as a “scaffold”—is this a common regional thing? Maybe we are out of the loop (we are almost definitely out of the loop), but this is new to us.

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Propel, Propel, Propel

And here we have Emma‘s new yarn and pincushion feet tattoos courtesy of J Ranno at Holeshot Tattoo in Amherst, Massachusetts! It may have taken five agonizing hours, but the result is an undeniably fine tribute to an undeniably wholesome pastime. We thank you for choosing BME for all your cute and crafty tattoo-related needs.

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Sweet Talk Like a Cop

While there may be wrong—or, rather, less than ideal—reasons to commit to body modification sometimes, there isn’t really a “right” reason. For some people, it can be an intensely personal, serious and spiritual act, while for others it’s more a means for generating some lightheartedness—both are valid and important aspects of what we try to cover here. We’ve always loved publishing Babasom‘s submissions because, as we’ve said in the past, they genuinely brighten our day (and, likewise, he genuinely seems to enjoy brightening the days of others), but they also feature a man who is pushing his body in a very real way—even if huge septum piercings aren’t as “cutting-edge” as maybe they once were. “I have helped it bloom,” he says of his “metal flower” above. Don’t ever change, Babasom.