Hard Bargain

Now, someone told me the story behind the following tattoo, and it goes something like this..

The chap wanted it done before his wedding day and had the total support of his fiancée!

Well, that’s all we know actually. My thoughts are that he wanted to be with his wife for ever and ever, and reckoned that if he got a tattoo depicting his immense love for cock he wouldn’t screw the marriage up because no heterosexual female would ever consider him. I could be wrong of course, it’s just a theory..

By IAM: alouicious (iLoveYourTattoos.com).

7 thoughts on “Hard Bargain

  1. you want the real story?
    well, ms. wendy didn’t actually know that nick was going to get the tattoo. he had been asking me for it for months (usually when he was either drunk or hung over, so i repeatedly refused). then, one day, he came in clear and sober. he told me straight up,”i wanna do the i love cock tattoo. i want circus lettering. just the outline. make it look really crappy too! i want the linework to look like it was done in jail!” to humor him, i said, “ok fine. if i draw it, you have to get it”, figuring that he would back out and say something like hahaha i was just kidding… well, i drew it, adding a big ejaculating penis in place of the word ‘cock’ to make it more obnoxious, thinking it was just a novelty and that he would laugh, fold it up and put it in his pocket. nope. he grabbed it laughing uncontrolably, ran outside to the sidewalk and announced to every friend who would listen, “I’M GETTING I LOVE COCK ON MY ASS!” that was when he called wendy and told her…
    there was no argument. most likely, just a sigh and a shake of her head, as we all know nick, and it was not surprising later on that we were almost kicked out of the bar because he was strutting around with his pants around his ankles showing all who would look his new tattoo…

  2. Alie… congrats on yet another funny modblog.

    I love how the hairs almost look like letters… I would have probably hidden “O SHI-” in the hairs as that’s what the hairs seem to be almost spelling out — steganography ftw.

  3. let me clarify… not that roo got the story wrong, that is the general gist of it, there was just MORE to the story that i hadn’t gotten to tell him… 🙂

  4. “…he wouldn’t screw the marriage up because no heterosexual female would ever consider him.”

    Lots of hetero women would probably consider him anyways.

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