15 thoughts on “Brush Marks The Spot

  1. Haha I love it!
    At least its more original than just writing ‘Cunt’ on there.
    Which apparently everyone seems to do.

  2. Lol, or “vanity”
    ironic it’ll actually slowly rub off on his teeth rather than clean them
    cute design though

  3. Clever design. Can’t think why no-one has thought of it before. Probably give his dentist a laugh!

  4. Awesome. I have had my inner lip Toothbrush and Floss tattoo for 3 years now. Nice work.

  5. DPP – Um … hasn’t ModBlog ALWAYS been a lot of pictures? That’s kind of the point of it. As for there not being much “depth” to posts, what can you say about most modifications? “So, I got this something done because of such and such.” We don’t need their life story. Interviews are what the main article is for.

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