13 thoughts on “TX Made, TX Paid!

  1. Is it sad that all I can think about when I look at those hands is how they have such nice juicy veins perfect for drawing blood and inserting IV’s?

    haha … Perhaps a sign I work a tad too much.

    Nice tattoos though!!

  2. Texas reminds me on Spongebob’s friend. (What is a Eichhörnchen in english?)

  3. I think it is so amazing that people are so proud to be from Texas they would get tattoos on their hands! I’m from FL which is America’s wang- not the coolest state to get tattooed! But I love the tats.

  4. I love the click-through tatt very much. I’m not surprised people are proud to be from Texas. A guy from Houston worked alongside me (in England) for a couple of years. He called himself an ordinary typical Texan. He was one of the most reliable and decent blokes I’ve ever known and I learned a lot about life from him. So thanks to him I have a huge respect for Texas.

  5. I’m in San Antonio(born and raised) and I like it overall. Pretty damn hot in the summer tho =(

  6. Yeah, spent all but a year of my life in texas.
    It’s great.
    i ask all of my friends from other states if anyone there gets their state tattooed on them, and all i ever get are no’s. except maybe from california.

  7. Hell yeah, Southern pride 😛 lol. although I am from Florida as well and I have to agree with #6 we pretty much are the penis of America.

  8. hehe. . . if you are born in texas, you bleed texas.

    i love being in the lonestar state!!!!

    and h e l l y e s for texas tattoos

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