44 thoughts on “Ten Sessions Later..

  1. This is beautiful, the composition, and the detail is great. I am floored by the shading of this too. Wonderful!

  2. All I can say is wow…
    If you could see me right now I am green with envy (yes envy not ink)…
    I’ve always wanted a tattoo along those lines, but i could never sit though getting a whole backpiece (even session by session) no matter how much i wanted to…
    Its just so beautiful, really, great design and practice…. especially the way its mostly B&W with just a dash of colour… stunning… I’m officially in love….

  3. amazing tattoo! and I only live 20 km from that studio, think i’m gonna have to visit it real soon 🙂

  4. i’m digging it…but curious was the picture photoshopped by the person submitting it?

    just curious case the background and even the individual in the picture looks like a fair bit of color has been removed to heighten/accentuate the black and grey shading.

    regardless it looks absolutely amazing 😀

  5. nevermind answered my own question by going to Aska’s page, slight photoshopping done in this pic…But regardless the non-edited picture is just as nice *nods* 😀

  6. Omg.

    Thats stunning. really weird to see a quality tattoo on modblog.
    has me bugging! :O

  7. i have trouble believing that is even a tattoo. it’s more gorgeously shaded and textured than a painting.

    you are so lucky to have found such a great artist!

  8. Cereal killer- click the link of his name. If you have myspace you can see that one along with several others. Seriously anyone that hasn’t went to his myspace needs to. There’s an edward scissorhands tattoo on his myspace that is so amazing that its unreal.

  9. I’m not taht into black and white tattoos, especially not in this size but seriously, I loved this and I love how you just colored the cherry blossoms.. beautiful!

  10. A classically beautiful tattoo. But could someone tell Roo to stop photoshopping the pictures? Compared to the original it looks like crap here. It’s an insult to the artist and the wearer. I have been noticing this a lot lately. Maybe Roo is feeling dark and blurry, but please keep that off modblog.

  11. “http://www.eviltwinstattoo.se/tattoos/497

    There’s the tattoo without editing, which imo looks even more beautiful!”


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