26 thoughts on “Where the wild things are..

  1. haha thats awesome, i wonder if he had that tattoo first and then got the asian theme around it, or if that was planned out frm the beginning.

  2. Oh god I remember that book! I had it when I was small.
    Gorgeous tattoo. Looks identical to how I remember it.

  3. Hm, I’m always curious what it’ll look like once the hair has grown back.

    Just seems that Max’ trip at sea might become even more hairy than anticipated. *bada bing* 😛

  4. So pretty!
    And reminds me of reading the book as a child and the innocent, simple times back then…

  5. This has honestly just made my day. Put a big smile on my face, reminds me….where did i put that book… hmmm

  6. I adore this so much, from the way the colors of the ship stand out against the waves to the way it blends in with the older piece.

  7. I like this because when I was little, I got to play Max in my 1st grade play. brings back memories

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