Live and let live. Or not, apparently..

By Telisa Swan, Fountain of Youth Tattoo, St Augustine, FL.


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25 thoughts on “Live and let live. Or not, apparently..

  1. as a 17 year old vegetarian who has been for 7 years, and vegan for 2 I find this both sorta sad but really funny at the same time.
    I’m sure it’ll get a reaction, as art is supposed to! :)

  2. i think it captures their creepy little paws pretty well.

    btw, whats he eating? a cheesy poof?

  3. i’m sure someone will get pissy over this tattoo, but personally i think it’s funny.

    and that sure does look like a cheesy poof! =D

  4. #5 Henry: Personally I don’t think the sight is dead on…it needs to be almost a la JFK except: “Up and to the left”


    poor lil squirrel, they are such a misunderstood creature…but gotta say this is definitely an interesting tattoo with probably a very interesting story *nods*

  5. I really want to hunt down that squirrel in the hope that it has a matching one showing this guys face.

    I guess I can always dream…

  6. it doesn’t take a real man to kill a squirrel wtf are you talking about

    BME&Mod blog has fallen and failed dramatically
    bodymod is better

  7. I love how people always have something negative to say.


    Well done tattoo, to say the least.

  8. Haha. Modblog has failed dramatically?
    I just (to be a prick) went back and looked at about 20 older pages (pre-roo being the primary editor) and found a bunch of exploitation shots of barely modified naked girls, lots of genital torture with insects/foreign objects, SCORES of terrible tattoos and….


    Its exactly the fucking same.

  9. Squirrels are cute, but they are rats with fluffy tails for sure.

    This tattoo made me giggle a lot.

  10. I think I used to have a computer game like that. It was either squirrels or groundhogs. Loved that game. Cool tattoo :)

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