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  1. I like the non-traditional style of this traditional tattoo & the juxtaposition of the colors. I’m wondering if that piercing is a third-nipple piercing?

  2. didn’t saw the other bird at first…love the way they look like they came from a scratch book…and like everyone else i would love to ear more about that piercing ^^

  3. Reminds me of something by one of those French artists…Lionel or Noon or something? The name escapes me.

  4. rob- there is both a lionel and a noon who do this style (i’ve seen it described as ‘dada”?)
    both from france, i believe

  5. it won’t be a 3rd nipple piercing, it doesn’t follow the correct phisiology for a 3rd nipple (i have pierced a few) as they always line up roughly with another actual nipple on a vertical plane ie: the 3rd one is directly below the nipple. it cant be one of those because the pierce in question is in the center of her chest.

    n013 is right.

  6. I’m having a love-hate relationship with that little cbr. I’ve never seen such a tiny ring much less in a surface area. Personally, I have larger gauge piercings, and would never think that little thing could heal properly. I don’t like it and yet…it’s intrigueing (sp?) and I kind of would like to try one to see how it goes (perhaps in my tragus like it shows on his website).

  7. This BCR is a “mikrob”, but it has several names. 2 or 3 shops in France do this kind of piercing.

  8. to anyone wondering, the text in the link says something similar to this:
    “It is a “normal” ring closing itself by a ball. The difference is that all is reduced: its size, its thickness (0.6mm) and its diameter (6mm).

    It is of course made of surgical steel and the size of the balls vary:
    their diameter goes from 2.5mm to 4mm. The needle is adapted to the size of the jewelry, which leads me to stress that the feeling at the time of piercing is minimal : Micro Piercing= small (something? i think it might be referring to fistula but i cant be sure) = minimal pain!! Its healing time is relatively short: approximately 2 months.
    Moreover, it leaves negligible traces on the skin, if you would like to remove it.”

    not a perfect translation but there you go.

  9. i love the birdies, the style and the placement – really feminine, but with so much character. i wonder if she dew them herself? i love it, really.

  10. I stared at that piercing forever… and I still can’t tell if it’s ‘shopped or not. I love the tattoos though. But that little ring drives me nuts.

  11. The tattoo is really lovely. I, too, am distracted by that tiny little CBR. I didn’t think they even made them that small.

  12. I love these unconventional tattoo designs! Beautiful. It looks almost as if they were sketched onto the skin with a ballpoint pen.
    Really interesting style. I can dig it.

  13. That is fucking awesome. I didn’t even notice the piercing at first, can’t say it really does it for me, but the tattoo’s are brilliant.

  14. fucking awsome! i love the concept. maybe the micro piercing is through a skin outcrop or something unique to her physiology?

  15. I’m really loving this bird.
    So simple, but so interesting.
    However, it makes me frown to think of what it will be like when she’s older..those thin, faint lines are going to be hard to touch up completely on the line when they’re faded!

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