Vimby Video – Brandon Bond

Check out Vimby‘s newest video featuring Brandon Bond of All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only is All or Nothing Tattoo an internationally recognized and award winning studio, they also run their own AoN Pit Bull Rescue. Check out the interview!

“Let’s be honest, we’re not curing cancer, we’re doing tattoos. We may as well do good ones.” – Brandon Bond

19 thoughts on “Vimby Video – Brandon Bond

  1. We’re not acting macho, we just flash money and guns around in the first 5 seconds. But it’s cool, we’re helping the community. Not people, but gangsta dogs, yeah!!!! He’s living the dream.

  2. I like that guy a lot. I wish I could go down there and get a tattoo from him and take home one of the pit bulls he rescues =D

  3. I just moved about 3 miles away from the shop and haven’t managed to get down there yet (need more money!), but I have gotten some work done by one of the artists there and they all do amazing work. Hope to get much more work done by the guys down there.

  4. They do good work but I think they are way overpriced. Also the piercer is a perv, I wanted to punch him when he pierced me, and I know Im not the only one…

  5. I’d caution some to not mistake quirky humor and silliness for macho posturing. I’ve only spent a little time hanging out with Brandon at conventions (and some of the other All or Nothing artists) but he was very cool and fun in addition to being pretty damn good with a tattoo machine. I will fondly remember starting the day with a shot of whiskey with him and always wear my ‘hostages save lives’ all or nothing t shirt with a grin.

  6. his work is beyond good its phenemenol, & the rest of all or nothing is great dave tedder hooked up my eyebrows big time.

  7. I wish I had time to finish the vid, but seems tight.

    They should hang trophies from the ceiling. lol.

  8. hahaha, hes a funny guy, and looks likes he’s good at what he do.
    too bad i live far, i mean outside the states haha

  9. A lot of artist are somewhat egotistical. The good ones sort of have to be, look at what they’re doing.

    My favorite quote from Salvadore Dali is, “To be a master painter, you have to have two traits that are absolutely necessary. The first, is you must be born a Spaniard. The second, is your name must be SALVADORE DALI!”

    I know a lot of people in Atlanta who bitch about BB, but, I could learn a lot abut self confidence from him.

  10. The work out of the shop is pretty good, though waaaayy overpriced. We have some phenominal artists in atlanta that charge more reasonable fees. Bond is an egotistical maniac though, you either like him or you don’t. He’s good at marketing thats for sure, but he isn’t the god that many believe he is.

  11. They charge the same ammount as everyone else…. if you want cheap stuff you go to wal mart or k mart…. if you want high quality stuff you go to the name brand stores like BEST BUY or SHARPER IMMAGE or wherever…. If yuou want high quality work you go to ALL OR NOTHING.

  12. and yep thats how we roll, money, guns, sick tattoos, rescued pitbulls, and midgets…. we were gangster before gangster was cool……

  13. I tend to view people that complain about pricing as follows, most of them are the same people that shop at bargain stores and purchase store name products with coupons, only to complain later that “it wasnt what I thought it would be”. Claiming a tattoo studio is overpriced is ludicrous. Im willing to venture 9 out of 10 people in America have some sort of addiction, be it tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc etc. Now, lets use cigarettes for the example: say you smoke premium cigarettes ie marlboro, camel, winston etc., around here they run about $4 a pack, so you buy a pack everyday, so now you have spent $120 in a month, and $1440 in a year. So, there you have it, you just blew almost $1500 in a year and have nothing to show for it, and i used the cheapest addiction for an example. Now, you go to a tattoo studio and pick out a design thats going to take about 5 hours and you get quoted $1000, its not a big deal!!! Why? Because you just payed a one time fee for something you will have for the rest of your life. Maybe its just me, but paying $1000 for something ill have for the next 20-50 years is just a drop in the bucket.

  14. What’s up with the “There’s better people out there at cheaper prices” without any reference to these said guys and their artwork? Don’t you feel just more than a bit lame for throwing out random aspersions?
    You’ve got guys up at Psycho tattoo charging $200 bucks an hour for stuff that won’t even stick when you throw it up against the wall.
    When you visit AoN you get consistent quality. Sure, there ARE other good artists out there, but it’s not like you’re saving hundreds and thousands of dollars by going to see this ONE, maybe TWO guys at (enter shop name here) that probably only has one or two things that he(they) can really rock out, whereas you’ve got a shop full of talent all in one place. (And I don’t mean that there’s only 2 other artists in Atlanta that are good – With 400 some odd shops there’s a bit of talent in the area) It’s like walking down the candy aisle with one dollar. It all looks good but you know you’ll have to come back another time to get a taste of something else. Ultimately, go find an artist at wherever strikes your fancy if their style appeals to you. I guarantee you however that you’ll always be able to find someone (more likely 4-5) to your liking at AoN whatever style you’re into – no doubt about it.

    JohnnyThief – nice quote, and quite apropos

    turkeylurkey – weak, just weak. Like Lizardman said, don’t mistake quirky humor and silliness for macho posturing. Think of it as a ‘Today was a good day for tattoos!’ posturing.
    Do you think that much money just happens along from working an 8 hour day flipping burgers? For every year that you MIGHT work, these guys are working TWO years with their 80+ hour work weeks. With that much time invested they damn sure deserve to enjoy the rest of their time. Yes, AoN has that rockstar vibe, but for a reasonable sum you too can be a part of that grand familia and wear an original piece of artwork that you can be proud of till you die or get maimed.

    Don’t hate others for your shortcomings, find motivation in it.

  15. anybody talkin shit is either jelous or stupid. you get what you pay for, and at all or nothing, you get the best of the best, and its not just brandon, all of the artists there can sling some mean shit. i tattoo and i know they are better than me, but instead of hateing, i learn and show respect for what they have dont have to like them, but dont talk shit.

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