VIMBY Video: Travis McCoy Inked Shoot

Hang out behind set with Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes as he talks about how he started tattooing and his influences, as he and the boys do a photo shoot for Inked Magazine.

11 thoughts on “VIMBY Video: Travis McCoy Inked Shoot

  1. Crazy, I never knew he’d done tattoos himself. We got into a conversation about them on Warped tour, very nice dude.

  2. what’s he wearing in his septum, is it just a curved barbell? when i wear them it never stays central. crazy eye. i like.

  3. Nice to see that Travy is multitalented.. and in general, I LOVE seeing people of color outside of indigenous cultures with visible mods!

  4. Love Travie, and that feather looks pretty clean and amazing.
    He is so blazed in that video though! Ha!

  5. This was posted in 2009 and the videos are not hosted on BME. They have obviously changed the urls that linked to that video. I wouldn’t call it a rip off, it obviously was right when it was originally posted based on the comments people have left.

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