35 thoughts on “I Know the Truth

  1. wow that shoot looks amazing wish i could see more! if i had lips like that my life would be complete

  2. yep, you are amazingly gorgeous

    those lips look like they could destroy the world… and we would be pretty happy about it.

  3. I think you guys should start posting pics of ugly people too, it’s not fair.
    And normal people.
    And beautiful people.
    And really beautiful people, too.
    I mean, you can’t rely exclusively on INSANELY beautiful people.

  4. UNGH!
    I have to say, those are perfect examples of piercings that are suited to and flattering the bearer.
    A picture like that makes me… *sigh* OH! the beauty!

  5. And I think the part that makes the whole thing the most beautiful is the expression in her eyes….

  6. Awesome scarring, awesome dermals, awesome hair, awesome everything.
    I wish there was a better word than awesome. Enlighten me.

  7. I thought she looked familiar… used to go to Electroschock in B-more a lot, always turned heads…

  8. Beautiful lady, beautiful shot, whats not to love?
    The anti eyebrow piercing also suits her really well. <3

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