IAM issues fixed!

The issues that cropped up yesterday have been resolved. It’s been recommended again and again that I don’t give people like this the attention they deserve but while CT and I spent the day working on resolving the issues. Thanks to Shannon for helping confirm our diagnosis of the issue as well.

This was a simple error in one of the codes that manages server side cookies. There was a hard coded date which happened to be yesterday. This has since been updated and resolved. We’ve got continuous back ups running of the data from IAM (which if this threat was legitimate, they’d know that BME isn’t attached to IAM so you can’t destroy BME). The import process to the new software will begin in the next few days and from then on, we’ll no longer be relying on the current software set.

Some people suck.

We had awesome messages like this posted where people claim they’ve set up “doomsday” devices on IAM in order to blackmail me.  Congratulations! You’re an asshole.

18 thoughts on “IAM issues fixed!

  1. Thanks Rachel, CT, Shannon, and everyone else involved in fixing the problem, and everyone who waited patiently, trusting that they’d fix it, rather than attacking the people who don’t get the credit they deserve for providing IAM.

  2. i’m thinking, blackmail for what exactly? i don’t see anything to gain by blackmailing a freeish site. on the other hand, name calling doesn’t help either.

  3. Hahaha, that was seriously so funny to read. What an intimidating threat. I still don’t know what that dude is trying to say. Anyways, fuck people like that. BME is a great thing.

    Also, i didn’t even have any problems with IAM. Interesting.

  4. Oh but i did notice that, on http://ask.bmezine.com/ there is a small problem.

    I remember a few weeks back not being able to leave comments on the mod blog, well the same problem is going on with the askbme site. I cannot log in to ask questions. It just takes me to this wordpress thing and then to some sort of error. Hmmm, anyone else having this problem?

  5. wowzers…although I did comment that the quality of modblog has decreased, and I am aware that there has been a rather huge shift in the community, this is just effing ri-damned-diculous!

    What exactly does one expect to accomplish, I wonder?

    Thanks for fixing the problem!

  6. Good grief! If people like that want their idiotic threats to be taken seriously, they should at least learn how to write and spell correctly. His “helps” couldn’t install anything in a paper bag!

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