Things to come..

I mentioned last week that I was working on a video interview series. We’ve filmed 6 video interviews so far and those are sitting on the video editing box as we speak. This is a quick snapshot that I took from my camera on my laptop. Our first interview is with Trevor McStay. He flew all the way from Australia to tattoo me and get interviewed. We then followed him up to the San Jose Tattoo Convention where we were lucky enough to get to do interviews with Bugs, Henning Jørgensen, Mike Rubendall, Jeff Croci and other amazing tattooers. I look forward to posting these video interviews and if you’ve got other amazing artists you’d like to see interviewed, please post their names in the comments section.

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28 thoughts on “Things to come..

  1. Tim Biedron
    Jason Vaughn
    Thomas Hooper
    David Allen
    Katie Sellergren
    Tim Hendricks

    And post a pic of this new tattoo Trevor gave ya!

  2. -Jeff Ensminger and Nick Baxter – Austin TX (They’re pretty good friends and both live in Austin, so you could probably do both at once)
    -Nate Beavers – Houston TX
    -Sarah Peacock – Wilmington NC
    -Craig Driscoll – San Diego CA (He was on IAM under the name fivetwo, not sure if he still is)
    -Mike Devrise

  3. It be nice if Mehdi Le Mair (Bunker Tattoo) would finally be put in the spotlight. There aren’t many artist that make such amazing japanese tattoo art, and a lot of well known (and here mentioned) artist look up to this guy.

    Also; Thomas Kynst.

  4. Marc @ Swastika freakshop!

    Chai @ Calm bodymod!

    When can we expect to watch the interviews?? *can’t wait*

  5. Marc from SF!

    and there is a great local artist named Carrie Davini from Evermore Gallery!

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