Gilson Hook Suspension

Steve Haworth sent me this photo of Joel’s resurrection suspension. You’ll notice it’s done using gilson hooks. Jorge Pozuelo took the photos and the suspension itself was done in Madrid, Spain with the A Sangre Fria suspension team. If I’m correct that means cold blood. It’s either that or some kind of alcoholic drink that I don’t know  much about. Either way, pretty sick name for a suspension group but then again, everything sounds better in another language.


12 thoughts on “Gilson Hook Suspension

  1. A Sangre Fria means “In Cold Blood”. I helped place the Gilson/SHS hooks, Joel was up for over 30 minutes and he said they were very comfortable. On my BME page under one of my diary postings there is a in-depth story written by a woman who suspended by both Gilson/SHS hooks and regular hooks and discusses her experience. If you like to suspend I believe it’s worth the read.

  2. bastian: the quality of the suspension images we have been receiving lately has vastly improved. for that matter the quantity has improved a little as well… maybe its a seasonal thing?

    Lesha: comfort can be completely relevant to the person sporting them and more a matter of oppinion. They certainly are safer then the standard Mustad style hooks when you consider how far the the envelope has been pushed in suspension recently. I have not personally hung from Gilsons but have heard excellent reviews about them from about 99% of the people who I know own them.
    Steve Haworth’s fabrication is arguably the smallest and most efficient and can make for a very clean aesthetic for performance based suspensions if that’s what you are after. The standard Mustad style hook is still used by almost every suspension team on the planet as the old stand by but the Gilson design really represents the first major innovation brought to the suspension community in the last few years.

  3. is there a reason why most suspension groups use the basic hooks instead of the Gilson style, cost perhaps? if the client gets to keep the hooks after their suspension anyway, maybe Gilsons should be an option? I know I’d love to own some, preferably pretty pink ones like Crash :]

  4. Reason? cost, availability, tradition, every practitioner will offer a different answer. How many people do you know that have saved every sharp that has punctured their skin in either a ritual or professional setting? I know first hand how powerful an experience suspension can be but so was my first tattoo. Standard hooks should be treated as disposable and as a sharp.
    I personally prefer not to give hooks away but everyone has their own opinion on this. A lot of it sadly boils down to the cost, most suspension practitioners run at a personal financial loss and keeping stock of Gilson hooks on hand can be very expensive. If someone has a pair, hell a full set of hooks for a horizontal suspension i would be very happy to use them. however outside of owning your own personal set its difficult to assume every practitioner will just have them on hand.

    That said i do plan on having my own personal set soon, in pink as well.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photograph. The one and only experience that I’ve had with a gilson instead of hooks, I absolutely loved. Can’t wait to go up again with my new set of them. Genius little devices. Thanks again Steve.

  6. Experience suspensions are a lot of fun to look at, which I think has a lot to do with the tranquil looks of the suspendees. I’ve been wanting to try out the gilson hooks since I’ve seen them in use and ive been contemplating buying a pair for a while now. Maybe as an xmas gift to myself.

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