Angry Eyebrows!

Norm and I both laughed for a couple minutes when we pulled up this image. We debated the click through aspect of it and I was hoping this one would past the test. I’ll give you a hint. It’s either a penis tattoo or a giant clitoris tattoo. You be the judge. Click only if you want to find out!

“He looks like he needs some dental work.” – Norm




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34 thoughts on “Angry Eyebrows!

  1. ok ok correct me if i’m way off here… but:

    time tattood on your penis = “me love you long time” ? ? ? ?

    just throwing that out there.

  2. apparently these two like whipping out their junk and rubbing them together than taking pictures.

    awww, how sweet.

    but on a serious note. don’t like either of the tattoos. time to….jerk off? time to….wash it? time to….make it bigger? hmmm…not sure. and the face? reminds me of the of the movie “Major League” with the baseball that has a mohawk and a face. lame.

  3. this makes me want to get my p33n like that little bastard from alien 2, when he pops out of the guys chest, my fly could be the guys chest

  4. Lesha, probably a good thing you’d never have to encounter those cocks eh? 🙂

    I like it, though I’d be scared, haha

  5. @ Lesha-Who doesn’t “like whipping it out and rubbing them together”? These dudes have some excellent penis tattoos and should definitely show them off.

    P.s Major League ruled. Maybe his cock is major league.

  6. I dunno how ken I’d be to let smiley dick in me. It is undoubtedly awesome, but very unnerving at the same time. Mainly because it’s a face, I guess.

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  8. @16 – What the Hell? I fail to see how these men’s bits are ugly. If anything, they’re pretty much normal-looking (tattoos aside). Also, ModBlog is SOOO not the place to rag on someones penis-size.

  9. #16 why would they be ugly? as mentioned by someone, they’re normal aside from the tattoos, and besides they’re pretty big for being flacid (doesn’t say much though really, but still). I think these cocks are cute<3

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