A couple of cockmaster(piece)s

Unfortunately it’s rare for genital tattoos to really be masterpieces of tattooing, even with the best artistst holding the needle. Next to a scrotum, it’s about the worst skin to work on. But just because it’s not the best canvas, it’s hard to stop people — tattoo artists and enthusiasts included — from having fun when there’s a penis involved. Happened to see two tattooed members this morning — on the left is a “NO PAIN / NO GAIN” (I guess that means he’s into S&M and can only get hard if you’re pushing needles into his taint) piece by Veronique at Original Sin in Belgium, and on the right is a “firecracker in bed” and “red rocket” (I thought it was the “love bomb” but I was corrected) themed member care of Jon Gray and Chris Costa at Brass Monkey Tattoo. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who shoots the ink and who receives it. Anyway, if you want to see more, BME has built up a giant gallery of genital tattoos (both male and female) over the years that you can explore if you’re a member.


What’s better then a colectomy? A trip to Reno, no doubt!

Rob and I both have made a few post about “beauty over harm” where someone took their self inflicted scars and either reworked them or covered them with a more artistic form of body modification. Yet, there is a whole other category of beauty over harm and that is those people who’s scars were not self inflicted. Often times we see women who have had nipple removal or full mastectomies due to breast cancer enhance there new altered appearance with tattooing. Sometimes it’s cosmetic tattooing to try and recreate what once was there, other times it’s artistic tattooing which takes the body part in a totally different direction than nature ever intended. Either way, it’s empowering to the wearer and something I whole heartedly support and encourage.

Below is a different example of that sort of mod, a tattoo over a colectomy scar.


What lies beyond the gates to “the biggest little city in the world”?, I am sure we can all guess, but I’ll put the full picture beyond a click through with the submitters description.

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Here’s the thing.  Every time I tried to think up a headline for this post, my mind got bogged down in dirty jokes.  So I just decided to focus on what’s important.  And that is the adorable mouse tattoo.  Now, there’s nothing mod-related under the black square, so you’re pretty much seeing the point of the post without missing anything important.  But for those curious, you can click on the mouse to see the uncensored version, and start thinking of some of the headlines I was tempted to use.

And if you don’t want to click it now, you can see it any time in the female genital tattooing gallery.