Gentle Cuttings

Venis In Fur sends in her scarification by Ighlif. I’d be interested to know how old the cutting is because it doesn’t look like it was cut very deeply. It’s definitely a nice interpretation and placement considering the normal scarification in this area on women tends to be flowers or some other flowing piece. This one flows nicely and the placement is very fitting.

Included in her submission was the following quote:

“art cannot be modern. art is primordially eternal. to restrict the artist is a crime. it is to murder germinating life.”


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16 thoughts on “Gentle Cuttings

  1. I thank again Ighlif for his good work on me.

    Tha scar is four months old.
    The cut was pretty deep but my skin has the power to regenerate like the Alien’s one.

    Just for the record: you mispelled my nickname!!!

  2. VenusInFur “you mispelled my nickname!!!”
    >> … and it is a cool nickname, related to the book written by Leopold von Sacher Masoch “La Vénus à la fourrure”, I think ;).
    Nice scar too ;).

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