18 thoughts on “Up a tree

  1. Nooooootttthhhhinnnnnggggg to do with modification.

    Seriously? This is just becoming a “cool pics” blog with an emphasis on tattoos and piercings.

  2. can’t speak for everyone, but i don’t mind the occasional community member up in a tree with a banjo. fuck it, anyone feel like starting a meme? (also, anyone have a banjo? haha)

  3. Just a small correction: his IAM username has three Es in it. The link in the post won’t lead to his page because you’re missing an E.

  4. I agree with John H. 100%. Modblog is nothing like it used to be, I remember being excited to see new posts, but not anymore. Now there are like 3 posts a day, some days none. I’d like to see accomplishments in the body modification community, something that took time and effort to achieve, and read about amazing experiences. Modblog has went downhill ten thousand percent from what it was. At least have Roo do the postings or something!!!

  5. i cant stand being a hater…..but this hasnt even got any mods in it (sorry slightly visible lobes). Im all for having beautiful shots that really dont have anything outstanding in particular, but this is still a body modification blog. It just doesnt make sense.

    Seriously, a guy in a fucking tree, hoo hah!

  6. I think this is a pretty cool pic, and I don’t see why everyone’s bitching. The dude in the tree still has pretty large gauges. Not every member is heavily modded, and I honestly think it’s kind of fair that this dude got to have his picture posted. I’ve never seen anyone in a tree on modblog unless they were hanging from it. I think it’s nice to have some simple mods that still look nice on modblog sometimes. Wonderful picture.

  7. I really like the picture. I think it’s nice to see other people in the community. But i would definitely like to see more accomplishments in body modification rather than just pretty pictures. A nice balance of the two would be perfect :}

  8. The bitching is getting on my nerves too. There were planty of artisted pics when I started visiting this site too. No ones bitching if its a fucking nude chick. Its a lovely picture Stew and Im happy to see it here

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