I like your beard too.

This little devil made it’s way to BME from Madison, WI. Karcus from Tailor Made Tattoo and Body Modification had this to say about the piece.

“i recently started doing scarification and i’m especially proud of the demon head. it was done on my good friend jesse, from one satanist to another. he recently started getting into body modification and when we realized we were both satanists, our friendship grew quickly. we did this to represent the signature baphomet of the cos.     karcus.com


It’s interesting to note more and more shops with Body Modification in their names. It used to be whatever “Tattoo” or whatever “Tattoo & Piercing”. Most of the time shops didn’t even want piercing in their name but the tides are certainly changing. Shops are now not only advertising body piercing but they’re also advertising the various realms of modification that they offer. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. While BME has always stood for Body Modification Ezine, the term Body Modification has been growing steadily and more recently at a significantly faster rate. News stories now refer to piercing and tattoos as modifications versus the traditional “body art” tag.

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10 thoughts on “I like your beard too.

  1. That is frickin’ cool, though I’m unsure whether these kids really know about the CoS and Satanism :S It’s not a way to network socially!

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