International big septum competition

Modblog must be having an international post day. First we had Henning from Denmark, then Nati from Costa Rica and now it’s Andre from Sweden who must be trying to compete with Babasom. Hopefully I can round out the rest of the day with more international submissions.


34 thoughts on “International big septum competition

  1. I like it. He doesn’t have any other piercings to take attention away from it… Much like that guy with the 24mm medusa.

    It’s nice, and fresh.

  2. i love large gauge septums but i think this boy would benefit from different jewelry, he’s very pretty. and also i think this makes sneezing very dangerous, couldn’t he pop a blood vessel in his eye?

  3. Im andre ( the guy on the picture).
    i just wanted to say that if someone here wanna talk to me or something you
    can visit me on my IMBMEZINE

    my name there is


    bye bye!

  4. i feel like i shouldn’t like this just because it seems like the jewelry is too large to stay out the way of regular life and kissing and such things. But oddly I think he pulls it off. Good for you kid!

  5. I never really liked giant septum rings, but it looks alright on this dude. I prefer septum plugs. But what do i know, i dont even wear jewelry in my septum anymore.

  6. I really don’t think that big septums fits a person that don’t have more bodymods… it looks so… wrong lol

  7. I have a spetem ring too mine is small, This would be too big for ME personally but to all the poeple out there that want one GET ONE TRUST ME its worth it and feels like a pinch

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