Making waves

Our final international post of the day comes from Mistertom. They’re doing implants underneath the black tattoos if it wasn’t obvious. I’m going to try to post some photos of two tattooed folk hanging out in Hawai’i if I can get the internet to let me upload more photos. Thanks for the underwater camera photo tips from all you camera pros out there. I appareciate it!


One more shot after the jump.


See more in 3D-Art Implants (Implants) (members only)

31 thoughts on “Making waves

  1. Anna- there’s a shot on of this that shows another angle that was uploaded a few days ago, just go to the site and scroll down a little way on the front page……..

    sorry, shameless plug…

    and damn, i love this project… it’s grand…

  2. This is definitely one sweet project. The implants echoing the shape of the gaps in the blackwork is a nice touch.

    One things I’ve always wondered about implants: what do they feel like for the implantee when they’ve healed up? How much mobility is there?

  3. Also that first pic could make a great Rorscach test (aka Ink blot) as in ‘what do you see here’.

    Elephant Trunk
    Random Animal Part

    etc :P

    Modblog psychology ftw :)

  4. i love how dude’s mask strings are holding on to his plugs instead of going around his ears.

  5. I love how he has the mask wrapped around his ears. :)

    both men are covered in delicious black work!

    and yes, i saw a penis at first also. MONSTER TATTOOED COCK? no its a arm. Huh…

  6. I really love his implant. Combined with the fact that he has amazing blackwork (which I love) this has to be near the top of my favorite implants. UNF.

    I agree with 8. More info please? Haha.

    LOL @ the mask.

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  8. 20. Hotchie: not impossible, just not pro. Work first, then play. Implants a still going to be available for photos after the clean up. Seems like the photos of finished work should happen when bio- is cleaned up, as you still have risk sitting on the table. So yes, he could put on new gloves, but it would be ever so slightly more pro if the table was cleaned up first… thats all.

  9. 27. Smallest Paul: Before you clean up the bio/bpp you have to cover the implants with gas and tape so you throw away all the bio/bpp together. It’s kind of hard to take a photo of the work when it’s covered. Since you don’t touch the work with your hands and the (in this case) Iphone it’s no risk of contaminating anything.

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