It’s a jellyfish!

This is a picture of a jellyfish that I took while here in Hawai’i.


Click through to see if I’m joking or not! 🙂


If you’re curious to see what is really going on in this photo, check out the rest of the next update on BME.

PS. This photo was sent in from Japan. My goal to have all international posts for today is going pretty well!

35 thoughts on “It’s a jellyfish!

  1. Looks like silicone implants and a prostetic head?…
    At first I thought it was a sex toy buy I think i’m gonna go with something crazy like he’s had his head removed 🙂

  2. Brittney: a very heavily implanted penis. this person has had many generations of genital implants and in this particular photo he is “docking” or sounding his toy. for more photos like this one go to the saline sounds and pumps gallery on BME Hard or check BME extreme and you will see lots more lumpy penis.

  3. it’s like a train wreck…I applaud his daring, but…honestly, if a guy showed that to me, I’d stare curiously…then be permanently scarred, like that guy who’s afraid that men in black and red checkered shirts are having cheap thrills in a men’s bathroom.
    or something like that.

    “Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he’ll never know. ”
    (only hunter could get it right. )

  4. Meatonomy with heavy genital beeding ?

    Maybe not the pretty’st doodle in the world but I bet his partners in the dark never leave unsatisfied lol.

  5. I thought it’s more “fun” not to give you the specifics of what is going on in the photo. It is being inserted into a sex toy. At first glass when I looked at a small version of the photo I had a “WTF is that” moment? I was thinking it was a silicone inflated head but then opening up a larger version of the photo it was plain to see it was a sex toy.

  6. i don’t want anyone getting mad at me for “bashing” someone’s mods but in my opinion, this is something i would not want to go inside me

  7. I don’t think this is the “pretties” penis but it looks very much like a “rabbit” type vibrator that has all those pearly beads in the base. Who knows, it might be a pretty thrilling ride and the only way to know is to try one out! Hah!

  8. That is NOT a fleshlight. Thats just a pussy sleeve of some sort. Fleshlights have the plastic case, and the sleeves themselves don’t look like that.

    I like how the pixelated picture is a click through to a pixelated picture. haha.

  9. Haha, nice FaL quote, 13. =]
    Just watched it again the other day.

    And yeah, I thought the same thing. =p

  10. it doesn’t look like he’s docking to me…just looks like he’s using a masturbator.
    seems to be a clear hand-held vagina jack-off sleeve.

    i work at a porn store, we sell a ton of these.

    its awesome that he has so many large beads! it does look like the beaded rabbit vibrators. some ladies that come into our store would be all over that!

  11. Just for the record, I’m not someone who usually fetishizes body modification, but I would totally want this inside of me.

  12. You know, I’m a guy, as such, I can’t really judge how that would feel…I wouldn’t let something that …malformed near my bum. But a more properly designed for penetration opening?

    if I had a vagina I’d do that guy. Penises are already ugly. I’d say this isn’t THAT much worse than any other.

  13. “Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he’ll never know. ”

    Good job. Fear and Loathing ftw

  14. philipbarbosa,

    he is obviously inserting his own penis into the toy, not the other way around, which is the definition of sounding…..

  15. Haha

    The sex shop I work in juuust got these clear fleshlights in >:D

    And #26- That is definitely the most amazing response I have read sO far~! 😛

  16. Believe me Lilly you do not need to give me a lesson on the definition of sounding.

    Go through the rest of the set of photos on BME and you will see the opening in the toy resembles a urethra so it would almost appear that he is sounding or perhaps a better definition would be Docking as in the act of two penis’ meeting one inserted into the other.

  17. I agree…it’s whatever he wants to do, but I hope he can find a man/woman/something that would be interested in a penis like that. I know I certainly wouldn’t.

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