Chouk does it right

Stretched lobes, check. Stretched Medusa, check, Stretched upper ear punch, Stretched Lowbrets (?) Check. What else am I missing?? Look closely and if you don’t see it, check the tags for a clue!



Click through for another photo.. Piercings by Indy of Ritual Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.

See more in 3D-Art Implants (Implants) (members only)


Tattoos by Alexandre Wuillot of La Main Bleue in Mons, Belgium.

See more in Old School (and Old) Tattoos (Tattoos)

20 thoughts on “Chouk does it right

  1. Not a comment on this particular entry, but I just wanted to say publicly that I think Modblog has improved exponentially since Rachel started updating personally rather than having staff do it, and it’s been a pleasure to read lately Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job.

  2. stretched vertical lowbrets are makin me swooon.
    Now I want to stretch mine to such a majestic diameter.
    And the lobes, they add to the swoonage.

  3. I think I would be a bigger fan of the lowbrets if the jewelry wasn’t so long. Still a sexy man though.

  4. maybe its a good thing! my mouth is watering this much with his clothes ON
    who knows what would have happened if he let us see his bits&pieces ;]

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