Brenno Alberti out of from Trieste, Italy sent in a whack of photos to update his portfolio. Italy is on the top of my list of places to visit. They were super awesome hosts the last time I was there and I can’t wait to go back. More scarification photos to come tomorrow. Today is a pretty busy day.


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21 thoughts on “Italians

  1. I’d love to see how this heals — the texture now is amazing, I hope it doesn’t lose that.

  2. Interesting project, I’d really like to see it healed as the crosshatching is very special. will probably bring a very interesting and different texture once healed and aged.

  3. That looks like it hurts… A LOT.
    – gotta love the scab that’s going to create though 😛

  4. That looks both fantastic and agonising. It’s making my fingernails curl 😀

    Hope he shares some healed shots once it’s done – The crosshatching should look insane!

  5. holy shit this is by far the coolest mod i have ever seen its guna b gorgeous when it heals dwamn

  6. its kinda surprising that the skin left in the middle of the cutting doesnt just fall off, especially the small circle.

  7. Well actually i already have some pics of the “healed” product on my fb, and will post in iam soon.. Despite to the fact that i like this one piece (no matter how it would heals), i already knew that it wasnt gonna create such an incredible X-hatching effect in that specific area. Customer was informed about it and agreed to proceed like i planned anyway. Its interesting to see how much scarification is still such an open field of research for so many of us, and there are so many different ways to perceive a scarification..besides i personally think that the vote that matters in the end is the one of the owner of the piece.
    *I am happy to see these many comments ( no matter the contents..).

  8. I too am curious to see this healed.

    My worry is that it may be too much scarring to comfortably live with across that area, i could be wrong tho as everyones comfort is different. I just think back to a chest piece i did and it made it kinda hard for the girl to stretch out for the first couple months.

    Good luck tho, the fresh pic looks cool.

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